Orange Business + Prosimo: How WAN Transformation Can Be Achieved Faster with Cloud Networking

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses must transform their WAN (Wide Area Network) to stay competitive. Join Orange Business and Prosimo industry leaders to explore how advanced Cloud Networking can significantly speed up your WAN transformation, ensuring fast, cost-effective, and secure operations.




AWS + Prosimo Cloud Networking Immersion Day

We are excited to invite you to an exclusive AWS Immersion Lab, co-hosted by AWS and Prosimo. This collaborative event is designed to help you unlock time to provision savings and optimize your cloud infrastructure using AWS native networking services seamlessly integrated with Prosimo.

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There are always new digital events happening here at Prosimo. Webinars, office hours, and other exciting events come up every couple weeks! Stay tuned.

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Vodafone + Prosimo: Unified Architecture Blueprint for Rapid Provisioning and Accelerated Time to Market

Join us in discovering Vodafone’s strategic vision of creating a single cloud network architecture that serves its diverse business units. Learn why speed, consistency, and time to market are crucial for Vodafone IT and how they plan to achieve their long-term goals

Palo Alto Networks + Prosimo: Leading the Cloud Network Security Convergence

See how the powerful combination of Prosimo and Palo Alto Networking allows enterprises to place virtual firewalls closer to their workloads, overcoming challenges in securing application access across multi-cloud environments.

Office Hours – Overcoming Cross-Cloud Connectivity Challenges

Organizations often struggle to connect resources and services seamlessly across various cloud platforms. The challenges are myriad, from managing security concerns to optimizing performance and ensuring visibility. Discover how Prosimo implements cross-cloud connectivity using Cloud Native constructs.

Palo Alto Networks + Prosimo: The right way to do Cloud Firewalls

Struggling to uphold security amidst the intricate landscape of cloud firewall architecture at scale? You’re not alone. The challenges are significant, from orchestrating complexities to ensuring scalability and managing network intricacies. Join us in this session as we explore the latest integration between Prosimo and Palo Alto Networks, which aims to tackle these hurdles head-on.

Office Hours – Network Segmentation in the Cloud

Register for this event to learn how network segmentation can be applied in the cloud across platform, service, region, account and provider boundaries.


Office Hours – Adaptive Cloud Network Security

Applications delivered in the cloud face sophisticated cyber threats upon a uniquely dynamic landscape. With cloud’s agility, coupled with the evolving surface area of modern, distributed applications, maintaining a tight security posture is increasingly complex and operationally expensive. Organizations leveraging security virtual appliances to secure cloud resources often find themselves hindered by rigid operating patterns that slow business execution and spiraling costs to meet throughput demands.

Join this live Office Hours session to learn how an Adaptive Cloud Network Security implementation reduces cost, increases agility, and drives towards a tighter security posture.

Office Hours – Handling Overlapping IP Ranges in the Cloud

Discover how Prosimo simplifies resolving IP overlap challenges, reducing integration and onboarding efforts during scenarios like M&A activities, data center migrations, and the distribution of applications across multi-cloud infrastructures.


Office Hours – Seamless Cloud-Native Inter-Cloud Connectivity: AWS, Azure, GCP

Join Dan and Sharol as they explore the intricacies of Inter-Cloud Connectivity in customer deployments. Discover the challenges of bridging cloud environments, where some hyperscalers offer native underlay connectivity while others do not. Learn how to simplify networking configuration using services like Transit Gateway (TGW), VWAN Hub, private link, and more.

Office Hours – Connecting PaaS and Serverless functions using Cloud Native Constructs

Join Faraz and Igor as they delve into a common use case from customer conversations around the intricacies of connecting API gateways to Prosimo Cloud-native Transit.  They will share how customers are orchestrating and attaching multi-cloud private link in Azure to invoke AWS Lambda functions to collect and process data from Dynamo DB and S3 bucket in AWS.

Office Hours – Build Hybrid Cloud Connectivity using Cloud Native Services

Join Dan Sheldon and Sharol Pereira for the next Office Hours session as they delve into the intricacies of building Hybrid Cloud Connectivity using Cloud Native solutions.

Unlocking Cloud Networking Excellence: Design Principles & Pitfalls

These design principles empower cloud architects to optimize costs, enhance efficiency, improve performance, and fortify security, addressing key challenges in cloud network architecture.

Rakuten + Prosimo: The Current state of multicloud deployments, what works, and what doesn’t

In early 2023, a survey revealed that 95% of businesses view multi-cloud as essential for future success. This shift supports post-pandemic demands, leveraging AI, analytics, edge computing, and tools for industry innovation. As many enterprises transition to multi-cloud, understanding both their successes and failures is crucial. This webinar will cover critical technologies like network abstraction, data automation, and virtualizing architectural complexity to maximize multi-cloud benefits while minimizing risk and cost. Join us for an insider’s view on what truly works in multi-cloud and what pitfalls to avoid. If multi-cloud is in your future, this is a must-attend event.

Office Hours – Overlapping IP – What and How

Discover how Prosimo simplifies resolving IP overlap challenges, reducing integration and onboarding efforts during scenarios like M&A activities, data center migrations, and the distribution of applications across multi-cloud infrastructures.

Revamping Cloud Connectivity: Brownfield Connectivity Blueprint

Join our insightful webinar on Brownfield Cloud Network Deployment! Discover the roadmap to embracing cloud-native connectivity and witness how Prosimo can revolutionize brownfield cloud environments into highly visible and actionable networks.

Cloud Field Day 18 Debrief: Key Takeaways & Customer Case Study Deepdive

Join the Solution Architecture team for a dynamic rundown of the recent Cloud Field Day 18 event! In this session, we’ll do a quick recap of the session, challenges customers face with architecting and operationalizing Multi-Cloud Networking.

Cloud Networking Diagnostic Tools

This office hours session is a deep dive into Prosimo’s array of Multi-Cloud Networking Diagnostic Tools.

Cloud Networking is different; its diverse and fluid surface area requiring a new approach to troubleshooting. New tools applied via new operational patterns are required to deliver observability and troubleshooting excellence. Join us to learn about cloud network troubleshooting, and see these tools in action!

Taming Cloud Networking Costs

Join Scott Raynovich, a thought leader in the tech industry, and Prosimo Product leaders as they delve into why enterprise cloud leaders and Finops teams are grappling with ever growing cost of data egress, shared services, compute cost of scaling network services, NAT gateways.

Prosimo @ Cloud Field Day 18 – Elastic, Secure Multi-Cloud Networking Infrastructure

Prosimo recorded a live session during CFD 18 where we showcases a customer case study and their approach to building a consistent and scalable Cloud Networking fabric using cloud-native constructs across regions in single or multi-cloud.

Build Transit and Onboard Networks

Join this office hours session for a deep dive into these key aspects of Multi-Cloud Networking. Prosimo Architecture deep dive:

  • Multi-Cloud/Region Mesh
  • Prosimo Transits
  • Prosimo Network
  • Cloud Native Resource Orchestration

Cost Control for Multi-Cloud Networking

Understand why a Cloud Native approach can offer distinctive insights into your organization’s multi-cloud networking spend, get cost breakdown and the chargeback associated with the data transfer across your cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Vodafone + Prosimo: Uniting SD-WAN and MCN for Cloud Connectivity

Join Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone,as we unravel the dynamic world of Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN) and SD-WAN! Discover the seamless connection between SD-WAN and the Cloud through a Cloud Native MCN approach. Witness how enterprises are adapting to the lightning-fast pace of app deployment, fine-tuning connectivity and fortifying security to meet diverse app needs.

Equinix + Prosimo: Networking apps across hybrid multi-cloud environments

Following our recent popular announcement of the integration of Prosimo Connector’s with Equinix Edge we are pleased to be running this technical deep dive into how the integration works.

Missed the announcement? No problem, there will be a recap at the start of the session. Or you can get the full details of the announcement here:

Secure Networks and Resources

Rapidly building multi-region and multi-cloud networks is dangerous! Unless you’ve got a cloud-native network with secure policies baked in. Join this Office Hours session to learn more.

Key Takeaways in this session:

1/ Securely scale multi-region, multi-cloud networks.

2/ Embrace cloud-native strategies for integrated security.

3/ Expert tips for implementing secure network policies.

Equinix + Prosimo: Delivering apps across hybrid multi-cloud environments

In this webinar we’ll be covering how to accelerate time to value, avoid technical debt, increase productivity, control cloud networking costs and optimizing your traffic paths.  You won’t want to miss it!

Build Cloud Interconnectivity

Join this Office Hours Session to see how it can be to create multi-cloud transits with a Cloud-Native platform that understands the fluidity of the clouds network surface area.

Discover Cloud Resources

Rapidly discovering and integrating Cloud Networks, Apps, and Services is trivial with a Cloud Native architecture. Join this Office Hours session to see for yourself and bring your questions for our technical experts.

Troubleshooting & Observability across Clouds & Regions​

During the session we’ll demonstrate how to:

  • View detailed app traffic flows via a simple UI
  • Inspect app traffic performance details
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity and outage issues with ease

Kyndryl + Prosimo: Why Foundational Connectivity alone is NOT enough for Cloud Success

During the session we’ll demonstrate:

  • The pitfalls of cost, complexity, and limitations of traditional network-focused approaches.
  • Embrace Cloud Native architectures for enhanced security, superior performance, and NetDevOps support with real-world examples.

Announcing MCN Foundation

Very excited to announce our most recent release, supplying enterprises with a path to cloud-native networking for free! Tune in to learn more.

Deloitte + Prosimo: You’re Doing Cloud Networking Wrong

David Linthicum, a globally known Cloud Computing, AI, and Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Serial CTO, Best-Selling Author and Speaker, Radio/TV/Podcast Personality, shares insights into many of the pitfalls company’s face with multi-cloud networking (MCN) and how to avoid them.

AWS + Prosimo: Improve Cloud Security and Agility with Service Networking​

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Service Networking
  • Real-world use cases for deploying a service network
  • How Prosimo enables multi-region, distributed service networking
  • Live demos showcasing the power of these solutions

Intuit + Prosimo: Using Cloud as the Enterprise Network with ZTNA

Join the interactive session with speakers from large Financial software companies, AWS and Prosimo. This session will cover how networking needs have evolved as the cloud becomes the center of gravity and how the need for ZTNA impacts the transition.

B2B Partner Exchange

Solve the Overlapping IP Address problem with these new features from Prosimo:
  • Private Link
  • Dynamic FQDN
  • Namespaces

Self-Service Networking for Developers

Topics covered include:
  • Transitioning from queue to guardrails
  • Building a solution around lifecycle operations, not just initial deployment
  • How a truly Cloud-Native solution enables networking with cloud-grade agility

Azure + Prosimo: Enabling Cloud Network Transformation

In this two-part hands-on Tech Deep Dive, join Global Blackbelt, Azure Networking Heather Sze, and Prosimo Head of Product, Mani as they walk through the four use cases Azure and Prosimo customers successfully implement to transform the enterprise backbone.

Azure + Prosimo: Cloud Journey Mistakes and Lessons

Sticking to a legacy mindset is one of the biggest challenges organizations face when adopting multi cloud. In this session, Tom Ricardo, Head of Cloud Strategy and Solutions at Vandis and Erik Bailey, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft sat down to discuss how to optimize your cloud initiatives, achieve success and unlock the power and promise of the multi-cloud world.

Nemertes + Prosimo: Top 5 lessons for enterprises trying to connect to the Multicloud

We’ll walk through real-world lessons from enterprises that have successfully deployed thousands of workloads in the cloud using an innovative, simple, clean network architecture. We’ll discuss Layer-3 connectivity across multicloud and regions, cloud-native orchestration, and security at the right places while leveraging blueprints from AWS, Azure, and Google to your advantage.

Why your network must be Cloud Native

Topics include: How to onboard and rationalize existing cloud networks Cloud Native vs network overlay strategies Escaping the limitations of Hub & Spoke Overlay architecture Common architectural challenges faced in the cloud

Mastering the Four Architectural Challenges of Cloud Networking

Four limitations that are inhibiting many company’s from realizing their cloud potential:

  • Efficiency
  • Resilience
  • Agility
  • Cost control.

Cloud Native Networking Suite

The Prosimo team covers some of the details of the latest release of tools and answers questions from the audience.

Cloud Networking Customer Panel: Insights from RBS, JPMC, Intuit, Azure, and AWS

Listen to Day Two Cloud, where Packet Pusher Ned and Ethan explore the challenges of multicloud networking. Prosimo has assembled a panel of experts, including Neill Smith, Ahmed Ali, and Faraz Siddiqui, to discuss the complexities of cloud networking.

Flexport + Prosimo: The Rise of Multi-cloud Networking and Security

IT leaders discuss how the IT application infrastructure landscape evolves based on user-to-application and application-to-application requirements. They’ll also discuss why a cloud-native approach is needed to deliver a seamless, secure experience for users and applications and how data-driven decision-making has helped achieve business objectives.


Four Architectural Challenges


Four Architectural Challenges
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Core Benefits of a Cloud-Native Approach


Core Benefits of a Cloud-Native Approach
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Cloud Cost Management


Cloud Cost Management
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