5 Mistakes to Avoid (1600 900)

5 Mistakes to avoid when setting up Multi-Cloud Networking

November 3, 2021
9 am PDT

Navjyoti Sharma

Director of Product Management

Principal Technical
Marketing Engineer

Benjamin Molnar

Product Release App Transit (1600 900)


We simplify enterprise cloud with autonomous multi-cloud networking



We simplify enterprise cloud with autonomous multi- cloud networking

We simplify enterprise cloud with autonomous multi-cloud networking
We simplify enterprise cloud with autonomous multi-cloud networking
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Architecture Matters for Application Experience

Applications are fragmented & distributed. The proliferation of infrastructure stacks across multi-cloud for users to access applications and applications talking to each other creates complexity. The result is subpar application experience, increased operational cost, and fragmented security.

A NEW architecture is needed.

What can you do with Prosimo?

Today's multi-cloud world requires a new Application eXperience Infrastructure stack—one that improves user application experience provides secure access and optimizes cloud spend so that you can focus on business outcomes.

Prosimo Cloud Networking

improvement in page load
Gbps with elastic capacity
savings in cloud spend
faster deployment time
reliability for your apps

The Prosimo Difference

  • One Infrastructure Stack
  • In Control. In the Cloud.
  • Make Powerful Decisions with CIRRUS

Break Down Silos for Better Application Experience

AXI is the only platform that can meet your needs for secure access, application experience, and insights for user-to-application and application-to-application across multi-cloud —all at the same time.

Infrastructure in your Control to Effectively Use the Cloud

Prosimo lets you take back the control you need in multi-cloud. With AXI, you leverage the cloud provider’s massive infrastructure that is already close to the user—you don't reinvent the wheel.

Scale Your Cloud with Prosimo's Machine Learning Engine.

Only Prosimo AXI understands the unique requirements of each application and uses the power of data to automatically expand or contract your multi-cloud presence, dynamically enable security in real-time, and balance costs.

Why Prosimo


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