Future of Multi-Cloud Networking – Futuriom 2023 Survey

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in the fast-evolving world of cloud architecture and network design.  The 2023 survey from Futuriom revealed game-changing insights that redefine how Cloud Architects and Network Architects approach their craft.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Critical Demand for M.C.N. Connectivity: 90% of professionals recognize the critical need for M.C.N., securing virtualized networks across various cloud services.
  2. Simplified Cloud Adoption: 78% of respondents endorse M.C.N. as a streamlined hybrid and multicloud integration catalyst.
  3. Prioritizing Performance, Agility, and Cost Savings: Top priorities include improved application performance, increased agility, and cost savings while integrating traditional and cloud-based networks is essential for efficiency.

Are you looking to build a Multi-Cloud Network that goes beyond L3, supports applications and services, ensures security, and optimizes for the cloud-native future?

Download the comprehensive survey to dive deeper into the strategies and insights your peers use to navigate this dynamic landscape.

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