Zero Trust MCN for
Application Workloads

A Powerful Collaborative Security Solution for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

What is it?

Zero Trust MCN combines Palo Alto Network's NGFW with Prosimo's L3-L7 segmentation for seamless cloud infrastructure security. Native integration enables single-interface management for Firewall and Multi-Cloud Networking.


Advanced traffic inspection

Seamlessly enable advanced inspection for all traffic patterns in cloud such as Ingress, Egress or cross cloud, at network layer and / or application layer ( FQDNs, PaaS, K8, URLs, HTTP actions, and API endpoints).

Cloud Scale Segmentation

Achieve scalable east/west and north/south segmentation across regions and clouds, and enforce granular access controls to mitigate cyber threats comprehensively.

Optimize Firewall Costs in the cloud

Optimize firewall sizing with selective traffic inspection and dynamic F/W provisioning based on application needs, preventing over-sizing and enhancing security, without the broad redirection seen in Layer 3 options.

Joint Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Prosimo and Palo Alto Networks Leading the Convergence

Zero Trust by Default

PAN NGFW defends against multi-layer threats via Layer 3-7 inspection, while Prosimo excels in MCN and Layer 3-7 segmentation.

Built in Zero Trust Policies

Cloud network fabric with context-based allow/deny policies at network and application layer

Choice of Deployment Models

Both centralized and distributed model of NGFW.

Flexible Traffic Steering

Adapt security and inspection levels for east-west and north-south traffic with adaptive firewall insertion

Operational Speed

Deploy and manage cloud networking and security infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring end-to-end traffic management and swift firewall provisioning in greenfield environments.


Abstract Complexity

Effortlessly bring up greenfield and brownfield to protect workloads

Deep Visibility

Prosimo cloud tracer showing policy view at every hop including Palo Alto FW policies

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