Fintech Company Simplifies and Secures M&A Integration with Multi-Cloud Networking

A Global credit payments company faced challenges in accelerating the onboarding of acquired companies’ systems into their corporate Cloud environment.  Maintaining their highest level of security standards on new companies from acquisition through integration was also proving difficult.  Acquired companies often had complex environments in new clouds or regions, resulting in technical complexities and debt.

The company sought a solution to simplify its cloud environments and reduce costs.  They required security and faster onboarding for multiple cloud environments (Azure, AWS, etc.).  They aimed to reduce operational costs and ensure future integrations were swift.  They prioritized consistent integration, easy operation, and future-proofing for future clouds.


Prosimo Full Stack

Overcoming Technical Challenges

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Accelerate onboarding of siloed environments for target companies' systems into the corporate environment, including Networks and Services

Specific Examples

Attempting to fix overlapping IP / subnets via either creating VRFs or tunnels/overlays with 3rd party appliances

Manual operations required to create cross-region, cross-cloud, and cross-account connectivity on different cloud consoles.

Prosimo Full Stack Solution

‘Auto Discovery’ – Instantly ingest all Cloud environment details [VPC, Service, and Apps] for new accounts – no infra required
Automated connectivity across all clouds and on-prem from a single dashboard


Drive cost down for running diverse cloud environments 
(Azure, AWS, etc.)

Transit Gateway shared across 20 app accounts – programming and operating manually via many AWS screens. 

Direct Connects/ExpressRoutes are used to connect from on-premises to two cloud regions, with manual operation required on different cloud consoles.

Standardized across disparate environments.  Consistency in security posture, network requirements, and infrastructure delivery across Clouds/Hybrid Cloud.

Visual Transit Builder

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Maintain high security standards on current Cloud Environments as well as Target companies from acquisition

Complex routing management through multiple hops, NSG, ACL, FW, etc.

Operationally requiring touch points from many teams to solve even a single application access (infosec/fw, cloud, networking, dev, etc.)

Macro/micro-segmentation within VPCs/VNETs, ZTNA for user-to-app policy, built-in granular L7 policy engine, and firewall service insertion across current or integrated target companies’ environments.

Firewall Insertion

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Technical complexities of running Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud and MTTR

Manually Identifying the root cause of issues in the cloud network pipeline related to cloud-native elements, third-party services, firewalls, load balancers, etc.

Improve performance for accessing cloud-native services from specific regions or geographies through manual configurations and a reactive approach.

Single platform to immediately troubleshoot Azure apps/network, AWS apps/network, and connectivity from on-prem to Multi-Cloud.  Drastic reduction in MTTR and troubleshooting

Cloud Tracer

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Prosimo Full Stack

Delivers Today

Reduce operating costs by providing a consistent architecture for connectivity

Faster onboarding of clouds, regions, accounts, DCs, and users

Prosimo Full Stack

Unlocks Tomorrow

The company will benefit from platform capabilities to control spend and operate freely. Taking further recommendations from the ML features, NetDevOps capabilities to streamline workflows, and Security benefits of segmentation


Better decision making with predictive alerts keep you focused on business outcomes


Infrastructure Automation and CI/CD pipeline support


App-Centric Tooling to further access cloud-native services with granular control


Continuous ZTNA for accessing private apps. No connectors required.