Prosimo Solution

Elevate Cloud Journey from Mere Connectivity to Autonomous Multi Cloud Networking

Start laying the foundation for embracing cloud-native as a culture.

Autonomous Multi Cloud Networking
Elastic Enterprise Backbone

Use the cloud provider's backbone as your enterprise network to connect global users and applications

Simple but Sophisticated

Deliver the networking that your diverse applications and services need, delivered as a service

Autonomous Transit

Dynamic infrastructure expansion based on cost or latency improvements for each application in the cloud

Legacy Networking Is Insufficient for the Cloud

Limited Observability

  • Port / protocol-level visibility provides limited application visibility
  • Network-only visibility does not mitigate performance problems
  • Increased remediation time due to blind spots at routing layer
Lack of Application Performance
  • Network layer does not understand applications
  • Tunneling hinders optimization and complicates encryption
  • Not using CSP edge / infrastructure to improve performance
Operational Complexity
  • Maintenance of hub and spoke gateways in every VPC / VNET
  • Connectivity mesh leads to unnecessary route and policy orchestration
  • Network segmentation disconnected from business logic
Inadequate Security
  • No continuous authentication validation
  • No context or behavior awareness
  • No application-based segmentation


L7, The Foundational Network for Application Experience


  • Achieve cloud simplicity using the cloud’s resource-based routing and eliminate need for tunneling, additional encryption and complicated routing
  • Leverage AWS, Azure and GCP’s massive and global infrastructure gateways, backbone, peering, and edges for application performance and optimization
  • Deep insights into user to cloud, region to region, cross cloud, services within application, and cloud-native services
  • ML-led recommendations for infrastructure expansion, performance optimizations, rapid issue remediation, security improvements and cloud cost control

Predictable Outcome with New Approach

Tangible Benefits

Cloud Networking without the Hassle

Cloud transit for any-any connectivity

No IP CIDR overlapping issues

Private peering using cloud-native constructs

Endpoint discovery and peering

Cloud as Enterprise Network Backbone

Internet-based access

Uncapped capacity

Pay as you go transit

Leverage cloud region and edge infrastructure to ingress early to CSP backbone

Network as Express Lanes

Application-aware infrastructure

Fast, performance-enhanced and cost lanes based on the needs of the application

Automated DNS programming across regions

Security Embedded

Built on Zero Trust principles

User-context awareness with continuous authorization

Consistent policy rollout across cloud and datacenter

Inline WAF/DDOS engine

Evolved Cloud Ops

Infrastructure as a code with Terraform integration

Observability to troubleshoot network transit, slow performance, and infra issues

ML-led decisions to fix most common problems automatically

Focus on App, Not Just Connectivity

Operate on user identity, workloads, and service endpoints, not the IP addresses and ports

Prosimo Cloud Networking

improvement in page load
Gbps with elastic capacity
savings in cloud spend
faster deployment time
reliability for your apps

What Can I Solve

App Transit


Enterprise IT networks cannot be hodgepodge of legacy services with static capacity and upfront investment to interconnect regions across multiple types of clouds. Relying on third party middle-mile clouds goes against the cloud-native model resulting in poor performance.


Cloud transit on top of the cloud provider’s backbone and peering solves connectivity requirements. Application-focused performance optimizations ensure the experience for user-to-app and app-to-app across any cloud.

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App-to-App Networking


Applications need to talk to other applications, regardless of cloud or region. Managing IPs and routes to and within the multi-cloud incurs substantial risk to the business and decelerates time to market.


Improve agility and flexibility while reducing risk to the business by leveraging cloud-native routing functions that route between application endpoints, not IPs.

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Improve Application Performance


Siloed, network service selection and chaining them as middle-mile services impact application performance for cloud applications. An organization is often left with substantial operational overhead due to troubleshooting poor user experience issues.


Dynamically deliver content where your users need it most. Prioritize performance or cost savings by individual application. Prioritize and resolve issues by quickly delineating between network versus application issues.

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