AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking

Giving organizations everything they need for AI readiness in one vertically integrated platform.

How do you enable secure connectivity and observability for AI today?

AI adoption within Enterprises requires addressing today’s complex cloud networking challenges across connectivity, security and observability. Prosimo empowers teams to bring AI workloads to market faster with a full lifecycle approach, offering two key capabilities

Multi-Cloud Networking for AI

Multi-Cloud Networking for AI is a full-stack, cloud-native platform that understands connectivity needs across L3 to L7 and enables enterprises to take advantage of cloud service provider connectivity approaches designed for AI. Prosimo's multi-cloud networking fabric is built from the ground up to support next-generation AI workloads.

Private Cross Cloud Connectivity

Implement cross-cloud end-to-end private connectivity designed for AI workloads like Bedrock and Gemini


Secure access to AI workloads and LLMs for users or services and stop prompt leaking, model poisoning through integrated guardrails

Deep AI Stack Observability

Implement anomaly detection throughout the AI stack, encompassing application-level visibility for cost, traffic, and resource attribution.

App Driven Routing

Implement App-Aware Traffic Steering to ensure that traffic flows can be directed for further inspection and meet GDPR compliance.

Case Study

Multi-Cloud Networking For Amazon Bedrock Using Prosimo

Nebula: AIOps for Multi-Cloud Networking

Enable predictive alerts and recommendations and accelerate root cause analysis with a simple nature language interface instead of complex charts and data tables to crunch.

Nebula Use Cases

Evaluate the extent of your IP overlapping issue. Recommend onboarding strategies for new overlapping network

Understand the reasons behind the recent increase in your Cloud Network Cost bill compared to a month ago.

Discover which of your networks or applications are accessing internet.

“The biggest barrier for GenAI adoption inside enterprises is data privacy, thats where a secure multi-cloud network fabric can assist"

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