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Zero-Trust Cloud Networking by Default

Fine-Grained Segmentation, On-Demand Firewalls, and RBAC for Maximum Control

Fine-Grained Segmentation for Apps and Networks

Prosimo revolutionizes cloud security with dynamic network segmentation, extending beyond IP-based controls to incorporate diverse parameters for precise policy enforcement and proactive threat protection. It also offers adaptive service insertion and namespace isolation for enhanced security and scalability.

On-demand Firewall insertion & selective filtering

Prosimo’s Adaptive Service Insertion streamlines cloud compliance, offering fine-grained policy definition and real-time visibility for inserting stateful services like firewalls. 

This minimizes human error risks, simplifies maintenance, and optimizes service sizes, ensuring cost savings. Define policies once and apply to app network paths to enhance control and precision in traffic steering, avoiding excessive scaling.

RBAC for Multi-Cloud Networking

Empowering cloud practitioners with RBAC and guardrails is crucial to mitigate misconfigurations, security risks, and compliance violations. 

Prosimo minimizes human errors, unauthorized changes, and suboptimal configurations by enforcing best practices, ensuring heightened security, reliability, and compliance across cloud network infrastructure.

The right way to do Cloud Firewalls: Prosimo and Palo Alto Networks

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See how provisioning firewalls in minutes with granular visibility empowers you to stay ahead of evolving threats while maintaining agility in your operations.

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Network Segmentation in the Cloud



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Prosimo provides three components required to solve these problems and deliver

One Enterprise Cloud Network

Move fast

Networking speed of operations that meets business demand.

Be smart

Visibility and AI Intelligence for optimal business decisions.

Take control

Govern access, infrastructure, and overall cost impact.