Applications are central to the success of digital transformation. As organizations have embraced clouds, however, applications are not only more cloud-native, changing how they are developed and managed, but they are also increasingly distributed. Employees and customers, who access and engage with those applications, are also highly distributed. IDC finds that the result is enormous pressure on infrastructure to adapt to cloud-centric application requirements and to materially support tangible business outcomes. With its Prosimo Application Experience Infrastructure platform and the Prosimo Service Level Agreement, Prosimo seeks to give customers an infrastructure stack that is aligned with cloud-era applications and focused on delivering specific business outcomes.

Brad Casemore

Vice President, Data Center Networks
Applications are now commonly built for the cloud using containers, microservices, and other open source technologies. However, this is not enough. Users expect global, low-latency access to these applications, and operations teams must meet this demand while minimizing cost and ensuring security. Prosimo focuses on these challenges, automatically providing users with simple, fast, and secure application access. General Catalyst is proud to back the Prosimo team, and we are excited to see them deliver new application experiences to the world."

Dr. Steve Herrod

General Catalyst
Due to the proliferation of remote work, IT infrastructures are becoming more complex which is causing an increase in network security and connectivity issues. Prosimo’s platform is coming to market at the perfect time—it enables a multi-cloud infrastructure strategy that can deliver apps that are fast, secure, and cost-optimized.

Lip-Bu Tan

Founding Managing Partner
WRVI Capital
The marketplace is rapidly changing. Organizations are accelerating public cloud adoption and ESG research reports that almost eight out of ten (79%) applications or workloads are candidates to move to the public cloud,” said Bob Laliberte, Practice Director and Senior Analyst at ESG. “In addition to deploying modern apps (microservices and containers), in the public clouds, they are also moving to the edge. In this highly distributed application environment, it is imperative that organizations focus on application delivery, security, and performance. Prosimo aims to make the application experience better both in the cloud and on premises with its new AXI platform. They are focused on improving the cloud-native app experience and providing innovative quality of experience measurements with Prosimo SLA to optimize cloud costs and justify investments to management.

Bob Laliberte

Practice Dir. and Sr. Analyst
As enterprises continue to migrate more and more apps to the Multi-Cloud environment, Cloud/Security Architects are finding it hard to deliver applications with security, performance, and at scale. Prosimo is focusing on enabling multi-cloud application experience with a unique approach that has a great potential to speed the integration, build, deployment and migration of end-to-end services across cloud providers which has a real impact to business agility. With Zero trust security support and machine learning to drive decisions without having to manually stitch the network and security stacks together, companies can look forward to truly enabling their business needs”

Shafeeq Shaikh

Industry leader - Network/Security
We’ve been looking for the future of application delivery and cloud infrastructure delivery to bring our clients and I think we’ve found it - especially in the complex and born in the cloud world that we live in today. The Prosimo platform helps our clients manage performance/costs while also adding a next-generation security layer that increases productivity and improves the experience for our client's users.

Matthew Baggett

Chief Executive Officer
The Prosimo AXI platform gives our customers a modern option for infrastructure that will help them manage IT costs and multi-cloud while helping their customers maintain the optimum performance of apps from home, remote offices, customer sites or on the road. Prosimo is a valued partner that helps our customers benefit from solutions that make their move to the cloud easier and affordable.

Rich Grayson

Secure Enterprise Networking Practice Director
Our customer base continually faces the challenge of supporting a rapidly evolving cloud-first environment without compromising the end user application experience. We entered into this partnership with Prosimo because of the ability of their Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) platform to address this elusive challenge while embedding security and using the power of CSPs to enhance and accelerate the user experience.

Richard Neuner

Chief Customer Officer
Static 1
Companies are building powerful applications across the multi-cloud environment, but it’s hard to ensure consistency across all clouds and deliver on security, performance and costs. Prosimo has the right approach—focusing on the app experience, not features across the cloud-provider and infrastructure stack or stitching clouds together."

Rahul Bhuman

VP and Head of Emerging Business
Tech Mahindra
Companies are building powerful applications across the multi-cloud environment to transform their business, but it's hard to ensure consistency across all clouds and deliver on security, performance and costs. Prosimo has the right approach—one which focuses on the app experience rather than features across the cloud-provider and infrastructure stack or stitching clouds together. The Prosimo approach can truly drive agility and expedite cloud adoption.

Tarak Ray

Corporate Vice President, IT
Cadence Design Systems

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