case study

Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Discover how two large fortune 500 financial institutions cut transport costs by 50 percent while achieving 60 percent performance improvement when users accessed Citrix Workspace with Prosimo AXI


Two large Fortune 500 financial institutions in the U.S. and UK have local branches that focus on wealth management applications access, and their primary clients are affluent investors. The branches and their access technologies are purposefully designed to perform at the highest level of excellence. If the underlying transport technology is slow or if there is any degradation in connectivity to applications anytime during a client meeting, it can lead to huge financial losses.


The branches are connected using VPLS/MPLS trunk links, and both institutions maintained multiple circuits for resiliency. With staff working remotely during Covid, these institutions started looking at alternative options to reduce the cost of transport and deliver low-latency secure access while still maintaining reliable connectivity for remote users.


To achieve this goal, the companies chose Prosimo Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) along with Microsoft Azure to help them deliver optimized application experience for users working remotely with investors. Prosimo AXI enabled the institutions to maintain their security posture through machine learning (ML)–led recommendations for risk profiling and reducing network transport costs and other infrastructure costs.

Prosimo AXI was able to deliver an optimized path and high-performing application experience to users accessing wealth management applications through Citrix Workspace VDI from the U.S., India, Europe, Hong Kong, and Singapore locations without any client or agent software on users’ devices. 
Setting up the Citrix Workspace VDI application was straightforward, using a wizard-based approach to configure required components and Prosimo AXI edges that can scale up and down automatically based on user load and throughput requirements.


  1. Session-level insights helped cloud infra teams to quickly identify and fix performance and security issues, without looking at 10 different consoles.

  2. Delivered improved performance for users and business partners accessing Citrix VDI by more than 60 percent.Platform provided Application Experience Score for performance monitoring and helped teams to find specific root causes for low-scoring applications and fix any first-mile or mid-mile latency issues quickly.

  3. Reduced deployment time to five to seven minutes, as opposed to the hours previously needed to set up transport infrastructure in various branch locations and a virtual DMZ in every cloud service provider.Platform provided ML that supplied recommendations to the cloud infra teams for expanding or retracting by dynamically scaling the Prosimo AXI footprint to improve performance and reduce cost.

  4. Provided an Application Experience Score for performance monitoring, which helped teams find specific root causes for low-scoring applications and fix any first-mile or mid-mile latency issues quickly.Significantly cut down on the infrastructure costs of setting up DMZ (firewalls, load balancers, proxies) by 50 percent.

  5. Significantly cut down on transport and infrastructure costs by 50 percent.

  6. Provided continuous authorization and posture assessment based on dynamic risk scoring to reduce the attack surface by 99 percent.

  7. Provided ML that supplied recommendations to cloud infra teams for expanding or retracting by dynamically scaling the Prosimo AXI footprint to improve performance and reduce costs.

Applications & User Demographics

  • Application Name: Citrix Workspace

  • Application Hosting Location: U.S., UK, Frankfurt, Singapore

  • Application Type: Citrix Workspace VDI

  • User Location: U.S. East, U.S. Central, Frankfurt, France, Singapore, Central India

  • AXI Optimization: Performance lanes, content caching, avoid lossy mid-mile using data patterns, context-aware secure access, layer 7 optimization

  • Peering/Connectivity Options: Private Peering using cloud-native constructs and direct connect with Citrix Workspace


Prosimo AXI Solution was able to help the financial institutions achieve the desired architecture for branch connectivity with a combination of Internet/5G and the banks’ private backbone to connect clients to wealth management applications securely, reliably, and cost effectively.

Prosimo’s cloud-based service, using Internet/5G as a first mile, provided necessary redundancy to customers, which is dramatically less expensive. The architecture enabled bank branches to access applications hosted in either the public cloud or the data center using Prosimo cloud-based service as secure and optimized fabric to provide application performance, required scalability/redundancy, and secure access utilizing modern Zero Trust principles.

Today, Prosimo’s solution factors in latency, health, and an estimate of cost to choose the best path.

Prosimo AXI Solution (Prosimo Application eXperience Infrastructure) enables each company’s architecture and connectivity goals without the complexity and common roadblocks that plague most enterprise cloud journeys. This cements the companies’ standing as leaders in the competitive wealth management industry. Multi-cloud can be a powerful business enabler for innovative, forward-thinking companies—but only if enterprises have visibility and control over application experience.