Multinational Commercial Bank Builds Orchestrated Supercloud Ecosystem with Prosimo

One of the largest banks in Canada, offering a range of financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. The bank has invested in cloud technology in recent years, adopting a multicloud strategy using Azure, AWS, and GCP as part of its digital transformation strategy. To solve connectivity challenges between VNET/VPCs, regions, and across AWS and Azure, the bank partnered with Prosimo, a cloud orchestration and security platform.

With Prosimo, they are building an indeed orchestrated Supercloud ecosystem that integrates multi-region app deployments, inter and hybrid-cloud connectivity, and firewall service insertion only for traffic streams that require it. The partnership has enabled the bank to improve its agility, scalability, flexibility, and disaster recovery capabilities while reducing IT infrastructure costs. Prosimo’s live L3-L7 observability has also helped them achieve quicker MTTR and fewer multi-team troubleshooting sessions.


Prosimo Full Stack

Overcoming Technical Challenges

Full Stack



Hybrid Connectivity: The team requires suitable connectivity options to support their cloud infrastructure which may include a combination of private and public cloud services and on-premises infrastructure.

Specific Examples

Attempting to fix overlapping IP / subnets via either creating VRFs or tunnels/overlays with 3rd party appliances

Manual operations required to create cross-region, cross-cloud, and cross-account connectivity on different cloud consoles.

Ability to scale their applications and infrastructure to meet their business needs without extensive planning for spoke VMs

Integration with their Colo provider (Equinix) which they primarily use for interconnection clouds that helps them keep their data on private medium with a fallback mechanism to Internet in case of any operational failures

Prosimo Full Stack Solution


Standardized global architecture across disparate environments.

Cost optimization (Compute, data transfer using their existing Equinix circuits vs. cloud backbone plus a failover capability)

Connectivity and peering orchestration across cloud & multi-cloud

Row the stack L4 and above to build Autonomous app transit using Network highways – attach at L3, L4, and L7 based on app needs.

Connect to PaaS & K8 (containerized apps and Server functions) at L7 using network constructs orchestrated by Prosimo.

Visual Transit Builder

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Security and Compliance

Slow Firewall Service Insertion required XYA

Sending all data to oversubscribed firewalls instead of specifying flows for additional processing and inspection

Next to 0 visibility on workload traffic. Security has been an unresolved headache not solved with the introduction of virtual cloud firewalls.

Being a bank, they wanted to keep their datapath in their own cloud instead of a NaaS-based offering.


‘Auto Discovery’ feature that instantly ingests all cloud environment details [VPC, Service, and Apps] for new accounts with no infra required.

Automating connectivity from all clouds and on-prem from the same dashboard

Datapath in their own cloud  

Firewall Insertion Flows

See Demo


Technical complexities of running Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud and MTTR

Manually Identifying the root cause of issues in the cloud network pipeline related to cloud-native elements, third-party services, firewalls, load balancers, etc.

 Traffic flow visibility is limited to tools or Netflow, flow log, log monitor, etc.

Single platform to immediately troubleshoot Azure apps/network, AWS apps/network, and connectivity from on-prem to Multi-Cloud.  Drastic reduction in MTTR and troubleshooting

Cloud Tracer

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Prosimo Full Stack

Delivers Today

Adaptive Service Insertion for policy and compliance governance  in a spokeless architecture. 

Time to value and brownfield architecture support as they do not anticipate a lot of changes in their existing cloud architecture.

Prosimo Full Stack

Unlocks Tomorrow

The company will benefit from platform capabilities to control spend and operate freely. Taking further recommendations from the ML features, NetDevOps capabilities to streamline workflows, and Security benefits of segmentation


Onboard cloud-native services to the same network


80% faster cloud network rollout for improved time to value


40% improvement in overall app performance


Continuous ZTNA for accessing private apps. No connectors required.