Why Cloud Networking is Fundamental to Cloud Computing Success

By David Linthicum

The role of the network within modern cloud deployments.

The movement to multicloud and other complex cloud computing architectures has created new issues that now limit the use of more advanced cloud and non-cloud architectures.  Problems arise when the infrastructure, specifically the network, cannot adapt to the rising complexity.  Interconnectivity becomes unreliable when widely distributed, loosely coupled applications and data cannot provide consistent services to the business.


  • The existing weaknesses in how we create and operate today’s networks
  • The impact that humans have on this issue
  • Today’s core business risks
  • Technology that won’t solve the issues we’re seeing today, including traditional approaches to networking
  • How we need to change our thinking around how we deploy and operate networks
  • Why a full stack solution built on top of a cloud services provider is likely the best approach to solve these problems

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