AIOps in Network Infrastructure Operations

By Bob Laliberte | Principal Analyst, ENTERPRISE STRATEGY GROUP

In today’s digital landscape, applications are scattered across data centers, public clouds, and edge locations. With the rise of hybrid work, employees demand seamless connectivity from anywhere, be it the office, home, or remote locations. At the heart of it all, organizations rely on robust network infrastructure to ensure availability and security for every application and employee.

Yet, the challenges are real.  Network operations teams are grappling with an explosion of connections, endpoints, and data traversing the network.  Collecting, correlating, and acting upon this deluge of network data has become an uphill battle.

Enter the era of AI and automation.  Organizations are recognizing the need to harness the power of artificial intelligence not only for initial configurations but also for ongoing network management.  However, the journey towards embracing these technologies comes with its own set of questions and considerations.

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group conducted a comprehensive survey involving 362 network professionals across North America to shed light on these pressing issues. Here’s what we sought to uncover:

  • Challenges of a Distributed Network: Understand the hurdles of highly distributed network environments.
  • Impact of AIOps Maturity: Explore how maturity in AIOps influences an organization’s ability to manage modern networks.
  • Adoption and Use Cases: Validate the adoption levels and explore real-world use cases for AI/ML and automation technologies.
  • Perceived Benefits: Highlight the perceived and achieved benefits at different stages of adoption and maturity.

Join ESG as we navigate the dynamic landscape of network operations in the age of AI and automation.  Discover insights, best practices, and strategies to future-proof your network infrastructure.

The role of AIOps in Networking Infrastructure Operations

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