Four Architectural Challenges

By Prosimo

Learn of four key architectural limitations that are inhibiting many company’s from realizing their cloud potential: efficiency, resilience, agility, and cost control.

  • Operating at Cloud Speed – the biggest reason enterprises move to the cloud is the ability to deploy applications with greater speed and agility.
  • Increasing MTTR – Here we are defining Day-1 Operations as the work involved for managing the lifecycle of the infrastructure carrying the apps, and the troubleshooting efforts needed to lower the MTTR and meet SLAs.
  • Increasing Cloud Costs – As an Enterprise increases its cloud footprint, the operational costs add up. With an ever-growing gap in cloud skills, taking a DIY approach to add more headcount exacerbates the problem.
  • Poor Reliability of Network & Apps – Enterprises are increasingly looking to modernize their applications by leveraging the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

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