Unlocking Seamless Cross-cloud Connectivity with Prosimo

By Chinedu Egonu

This document guides technical professionals on creating a cross-cloud architecture that seamlessly interconnects applications and services, prioritizing security, optimization, and visibility into service layer interactions among multi-cloud applications.

Key Points covered in this document:

  • Challenges in Multi-Cloud Service Connectivity: outline organizations’ challenges in establishing connectivity between resources and services from multiple cloud providers.
  • How Prosimo Handles These Challenges: implementing network infrastructure that ensures connectivity and prioritizes security, optimization, and visibility in multi-cloud environments.
  • Under the Hood: the technical aspects of Prosimo’s solution, explaining how it extends private link connectivity across multiple cloud providers.
  • Establishing Connectivity Between Applications with Overlapping CIDRs Across Multiple Clouds: a step-by-step approach to address the issue of overlapping IP address ranges when connecting applications across multiple clouds. It guides setting up the foundational network, onboarding applications to Prosimo, and verifying traffic flow.
  • Top Use Cases for Multi-Cloud Service Connectivity: critical use cases where multi-cloud service connectivity can be particularly beneficial, including distributed data access, business partner connectivity, and developer self-service.


In summary, this technical white paper outlines the challenges of managing a multi-cloud environment and introduces Prosimo as a solution for creating a cross-cloud architecture. It provides a practical, step-by-step guide for technical professionals to enable cross-cloud connectivity, ensuring that applications and services interconnect while prioritizing security and optimization.

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