Multi-Cloud Networking Solution – Requirements Checklist

By Prosimo

In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, organizations face a pressing challenge – the rapid evolution of architectures. The shift from legacy monolithic applications to cloud-native and containerized apps, coupled with a growing reliance on platform services such as Lambda, ETL, step functions, S3, Datalakes, and the rise of Generation-AI workloads, necessitates a comprehensive and flexible architecture blueprint. The goal is to facilitate smooth lift and shift migration efforts while accommodating modern apps and workloads, all while maintaining the highest levels of security, visibility, and orchestration to reduce configuration complexities.

This dynamic environment underlines the critical need for a robust Multi-Cloud Network and Security (MCNS) solution. Selecting the right MCNS vendors becomes paramount in navigating this intricate landscape. Streamlining this process involves evaluating known requirements, short-term adoption goals, and alignment with long-term initiatives through RFI or RFP submissions.

Introducing MCNS RFI/RFP Checklist

Prosimo understands this challenge and leverages its extensive experience to offer a solution. Our MCNS RFI/RFP Checklist, based on insights from working with leading enterprises, serves as a valuable starting point to simplify vendor selection.

Discover the benefits of Prosimo’s MCNS RFI/RFP Checklist:

  1. Efficient Requirements Gathering:
    • Learn effective methods to collect and structure your organization’s requirements.
    • Understand key considerations for short-term adoption goals.
  2. Strategic Long-Term Alignment:
    • Assess vendor solutions for alignment with your long-term initiatives.
    • Ensure the chosen MCNS solution can adapt to your evolving needs.
  3. Modern Architecture Solutions:
    • Explore strategies to migrate from legacy to cloud-native and containerized applications.
    • Understand how to optimize platform services and Gen-AI workloads.
  4. Security, Visibility, and Orchestration:
    • Evaluate MCNS vendors for their security capabilities.
    • Ensure the chosen solution offers necessary visibility and orchestration to reduce configuration complexities.

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