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Unlocking Cloud Networking Excellence: Design Principles & Pitfalls

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The intro design workshop will cover design principles that empower cloud architects to optimize costs, enhance efficiency, improve performance, and fortify security, addressing key challenges in cloud network architecture.The comprehensive Cloud Networking Overview will cover:

1: Understanding Cloud Networking Fundamentals:
– Introduction to cloud environments and their role in network design.
– Assessing requirements, setting design objectives, and practical design exercises.

2: Designing Multi-Cloud Networking Architectures:
– Core principles of multi-cloud network design and topology.
– Guidance for greenfield and brownfield environments.

3: Cloud Network Segmentation and Security:
– Understanding multi-cloud security risks and integration strategies.
– Exploring best practices and common pitfalls in multi-cloud security.

4: Integrating Services to Cloud Network:
– Focus on NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) and its integration with cloud networks.

5: Operating and Optimizing Multi-Cloud Networks:
– Best practices for network operations, monitoring, and troubleshooting in multi-cloud environments.
– Automation strategies for effective network management and performance optimization techniques.


10:00 am PST