Equinix & Prosimo – 201 Deep Dive: Networking apps across hybrid multi-cloud environments

Following our recent popular announcement of the integration of Prosimo Connector’s with Equinix Edge we are pleased to be running this technical deep dive into how integration works.

Missed the announcement? No problem, there will be a recap at the start of the session. Or you can get the full details of the announcement here:

In this 201 deep dive session we will cover:

  • Accelerating time to value: With Prosimo and Equinix, organizations can deliver secure cloud networks in minutes, not days – as fast as cloud computing and data infrastructure.
  • Avoiding technical debt: Prosimo enables you to reduce your dependence upon specialized networking or CSP-specific expertise.
  • Increasing productivity: The Prosimo platform reduces maintenance windows due to virtual appliance failures, upgrades, or patching. No more Spoke Gateway Sprawl.
  • Control cloud network costs: The Prosimo platform leverages the cloud-native infrastructure and utilizes existing cloud services for connectivity and networking to endpoints.
  • Better control of traffic paths: Prosimo provides Enterprises the control they need to choose paths for their inter-region and inter-cloud traffic for predictability, compliance, and cost management regions.



11:00 am PST