Revamping Cloud Connectivity: Brownfield Connectivity Blueprint

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For cloud networking professionals tasked with integrating new solutions into established production cloud networks, navigating the intricacies of brownfield deployments is a critical concern. We’ll focus on providing actionable insights to help you integrate Prosimo into your existing cloud infrastructure with confidence and ease.

Key Topics to be Covered:

1. Smooth Integration into Production Networks: Learn the step-by-step process of seamlessly integrating Prosimo into your existing production network without major disruptions.

2. Integration with Native Networking Constructs: Understand how Prosimo smoothly integrates with popular native networking constructs such as AWS Transit Gateway, Azure VWAN, Private Links, Peerings, and more. Say goodbye to overlay tunnels everywhere!

3. Phased Deployment for Minimal Disruption: Discover how you can phase out the deployment of Prosimo to minimize disruption to your production, staging, and shared services environment.

4. Route Table Management: Get insights into updating and propagating route tables within VPCs, Transit Gateways, and VWAN Route tables across your production environment.

5. Seamless Hybrid Connectivity: Understand how migrating to Prosimo impacts your existing hybrid connectivity between the cloud and on-premises. We’ll explain if and how you may need to re-establish connections.


10:00 am PST