Kyndryl + Prosimo: Why Foundational Connectivity alone is NOT enough for Cloud Success



In today’s dynamic cloud landscape, relying solely on foundational connectivity falls short of achieving remarkable results. But worry not! Our expert panel of industry thought leaders is here to guide you through essential steps and best practices for redefining your cloud networking approach. In this webinar we will cover:

  • Problems with Cloud Networking & MCN 1.0: Unveil the pitfalls of cost, complexity, and limitations of traditional network-focused approaches. Let our experts shed light on the issues holding you back from achieving your cloud networking goals.
  • The Path to Redefined MCN: Embrace Cloud Native architectures for enhanced security, superior performance, and NetDevOps support with real-world examples. Learn how to harness the power of the cloud to transform your organization’s networking capabilities.
  • How to Control Costs with Cloud Networking: Explore cost-effective alternatives to traditional networks, such as Full Stack solutions, saving on monthly expenses. Find out how you can optimize your budget without compromising on performance.
  • Building a Strong Cloud Networking Foundation: Learn five crucial actions for scalable, application-focused cloud architecture and leverage existing services. Discover the building blocks of a solid cloud networking foundation that will support your organization’s growth.
  • Automation: Streamline cloud migration and ensure security with automation, identifying challenges and best practices. Our experts will show you how automation can simplify your cloud journey and safeguard your network.

With Prosimo, You Can Build 

One Enterprise Cloud Network

Move fast.
Be smart.
Take control.


10:00 am PST

Prosimo provides three components required to solve these problems and deliver

One Enterprise Cloud Network

Move fast

Networking speed of operations that meets business demand.

Be smart

Visibility and AI Intelligence for optimal business decisions.

Take control

Govern access, infrastructure, and overall cost impact.