Prosimo + Vodafone: Uniting SD-WAN and MCN for Cloud Connectivity

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Join us with distinguished guest speaker Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone,as we unravel the dynamic world of Multi-Cloud Networking (MCN) and SD-WAN!

Discover the seamless connection between SD-WAN and the Cloud through the cutting-edge Cloud Native MCN approach. Witness how leading enterprises are adapting to the lightning-fast pace of app deployment, fine-tuning connectivity, boosting performance, and fortifying security to meet diverse app needs.

In this event, we’ll tackle crucial topics, including:

  • Understanding the limitations of Hub and Spoke & Data Center-centric models in the transition to an app-centric world.
  • Cost Optimization: Solving cloud over-usage challenges.
  • Egress Network Costs: Mastering inter-region and multi-cloud complexities.
  • SD-WAN & Cloud Fusion: Bridging the gap “inside the cloud.”
  • Accelerated Network Deployment: Outpacing the lag between cloud and app rollout.
  • Supporting Diverse Apps: Tailoring connectivity, performance, and security for different app types (V.P.C.s, FQDNs, mesh, S3 / PaaS services).


10:00 am PST