Office Hours – Seamless Cloud-Native Inter-Cloud Connectivity: AWS, Azure, GCP

Join Dan and Sharol as they explore the intricacies of Inter-Cloud Connectivity in customer deployments. Discover the challenges of bridging cloud environments, where some hyperscalers offer native underlay connectivity while others do not. Learn how to simplify networking configuration using services like Transit Gateway (TGW), VWAN Hub, private link, and more.  Explore the complexities of connecting PaaS, serverless, and container endpoints across different clouds, and learn why traditional Layer 3 [L3]  networking methods like VPNs and tunnels are not suited to dynamic L3 environments. They will show you
  1. how to orchestrate cloud-native services and seamlessly deploy them in any cloud,
  2. Extend PrivateLink capabilities from the Cloud Providers across regions.
  3. All of this with a user-friendly drag-and-drop approach.


10:00 am PST