Office Hours – Overcoming Cross-Cloud Connectivity Challenges

Organizations frequently face challenges seamlessly connecting resources and services across different cloud platforms. Join us for Prosimo’s exclusive Office Hours session, where we’ll address the complexities of linking resources across various clouds, covering security, performance optimization, and visibility maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to deploy Zero Trust private connectivity for applications across various clouds. For instance, how to connect an application in AWS to data in Azure Data Lake Storage while overcoming limitations of Private Link, managing overlapping issues, DNS, and handling changing IP addresses in Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments.
  • Enabling applications to access data from any location without copying data across clouds minimizes the impact of data gravity, thus addressing data governance and sovereignty concerns.
  • Streamlining operations with end-to-end application layer visibility and traffic monitoring between source and target applications.

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10:00 am PST