Office Hours – Connecting PaaS and Serverless functions using Cloud Native Constructs

Join Faraz and Igor as they delve into a common use case from customer conversations around the intricacies of connecting API gateways to Prosimo Cloud-native Transit. They will share how customers are orchestrating and attaching multi-cloud private link in Azure to invoke AWS Lambda functions to collect and process data from Dynamo DB and S3 bucket in A.W.S. Key Takeaways :
  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of seamlessly connecting serverless functions and applications across multiple cloud environments.
  2. Provision Prosimo services and use Private link connectivity in Azure and AWS
  3. Attach API gateway to Prosimo to invoke lambda functions in AWS from Azure to extract the database from Dynamo DB and calculate file size of an image from S3
  4. Access application using identity-aware capabilities [ZTNA]
  5. Explore the end-to-end insights to ensure PaaS and serverless functions are connected


11:00 am PST