Office Hours – Build Hybrid Cloud Connectivity using Cloud Native Services

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Private Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers are vastly different environments, both built to provide the same services: flexible and scalable compute resources contained in a secure and automated connectivity matrix.

Divergent design fundamentals initially separated these environments but modern application requirements like micro-services, constant uptime, and significant throughput homogenize both hosting types.

Building an IT ecosystem that can empower application mobility and communication between Cloud and On-Prem environments while standardizing both settings’ Discovery, Connectivity, Security, and Observability is a major headache for IT teams. Prosimo instantly solves many of the numerous woes in administering such a scenario, like:

  • Building secure connectivity from cloud to on-prem without dedicated private circuits (ExpressRoute, DirectConnect, etc.).
  • Enabling actionable observability on end-to-end app flows and identifying problematic segments.
  • Maintaining VRF segmentation between the DC and CSP environments.


11:00 am PST