Orange Business + Prosimo: How WAN Transformation Can Be Achieved Faster with Cloud Networking

Accelerate Your WAN Transformation with Cloud Networking

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses need to transform their Wide Area Network (WAN) to stay competitive. Join Orange Business and Prosimo to discover how advanced Cloud Networking can accelerate your WAN transformation, ensuring fast, cost-effective, and secure operations. Learn how this fits into the Evolution Platform and Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings from Orange Business.


Key Takeaways:

  • Simplified Automation and Orchestration: Leverage a unified operational console with Prosimo to manage multiple clouds and automate processes to reduce manual errors.
  • Improved Speed to Market and Cost Control: Benefit from faster provisioning of SD-WAN site-to-cloud connectivity and chain with NGFW / SSE, with an expected cost reduction of 20-30%.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Control: Obtain rich insights and visibility into cloud network resources, cost transparency, accountability, and hop-by-hop traceability to avoid downtime.
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: Achieve elasticity in the data plane to balance peak-day capacity versus regular operations and scale individual services.
  • Resiliency and Security: Improve disaster recovery and high availability strategies while maintaining consistent security policies from edge to multi-cloud.


Who Should Attend?

  • VPs, CIOs, Directors, and Architects in charge of cloud infrastructure and networking
  • IT professionals seeking to optimize their network architecture for better performance and cost savings
  • Business leaders interested in leveraging cloud technology for digital transformation


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Laurent Perrin
Director, Overlay Connectivity Product Management
Orange Business


8:00 am PST

Prosimo provides three components required to solve these problems and deliver

One Enterprise Cloud Network

Move fast

Networking speed of operations that meets business demand.

Be smart

Visibility and AI Intelligence for optimal business decisions.

Take control

Govern access, infrastructure, and overall cost impact.