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September 15, 2021

Blueprint for AWS: 5 Steps to Network Transformation - Live Demo

September 21, 2021

Troubleshooting App Connectivity in Multi-Cloud [Confluence Security]

September 27, 2021

Setting up connectivity for your S3 in 5 minutes

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Demo: Connecting Apps Securely from One cloud to SaaS/PaaS Application

October 15, 2021

In 5 minutes see how Prosimo seamlessly connects applications located in AWS to other SaaS/PaaS Applications. Prosimo App Transit is a differentiated service that is enabling Autonomous Cloud Networking.

Prosimo TechLabs: Connect and expand to any cloud region in 5 mins

September 29, 2021

Do you want to seamlessly connect to and within the cloud in minutes—all while building a transit using CSP infrastructure? See how Prosimo AXI makes that happen!

Demo: Autonomous Cloud Networking with Prosimo App Transit

October 13, 2021

In less than 10 minutes see how Prosimo enable Autonomous Cloud Networking with its App Transit. The video covers how App 2 App connectivity within the same cloud (inter and intra-region) is achieved:

  1. See how easy it is to connect applications in different regions securely with each other using Cloud Transit.
  2. See App Transit leveraging AWS cloud native constructs
  3. See App Transit using built-in Zero-Trust and Private CDN functionality from AXI

Top 10 Questions to ask for your MCN Provider

September 14, 2021

Here from our SA team on the top 10 questions you should ask your MCN provider.

What is the Complexity with Cloud Networking?

July 15, 2021

Benjamin Molnar, Senior TME at Prosimo discusses public cloud networking pain points. Why they happen and why they should be avoided.

Five Steps to Simplify a Multi-Cloud Adoption Strategy

September 1, 2021

Radically rethink application experience for users anywhere in the multi-cloud era with true visibility and control. Check out this easy to read eBook with practical advice.

Why Cloud Architects need a new SLA

August 4, 2021

Competing in today’s hyper-competitive global business environment requires the ability to make data-informed decisions quickly and jump on emerging opportunities as they come up. This requires the optimization and connection of enterprise systems across multi-cloud environments that ensure fast connectivity for users and the interconnectivity of applications. The Prosimo SLA focuses on business outcomes that shows how Prosimo can improve in page load, has elastic capacity, saves in cloud spend, increases deployment time whilst being reliable for your apps.