Unleash the Power of Service Networking

Maximize Efficiency and Streamline Operations with Unified App, PaaS, and Network Connectivity

One Fabric for Apps, PaaS & Network Connectivity

Networking with Context: Across platforms and apps

Define connectivity sources and destinations as the apps and platforms for which the network exists to serve

Implement service fluency across subnets, vpc’s, regions, and clouds

Policy with Granularity: Secure and manage the resources

Adopt service-level policy for fine-grained security

Manage route policy service-flows within traditional network data paths

Troubleshooting with clarity: Solve quickly, anywhere

Zero in on issues with service networking as a first class property of network transit

Get to granular details up to application URL and http methods to quickly identify root causes

Prosimo's Full Stack: Revolutionizing Cloud Connectivity

Streamlined App-layer Connectivity:

Seamlessly connect applications while attaching PaaS and serverless environments on the same transit.

Granular Access Policies at the App Layer

Implement fine-grained access policies at the application layer, ensuring secure and controlled communication.

Enhanced App Performance

Optimize application performance by leveraging Prosimo’s platform for efficient service-to-service communication.

Insertion of Acceleration Services

Improve performance and user experience by easily inserting acceleration services into your application delivery pipeline.

Path-based Routing for L7

Achieve flexible and dynamic routing with path-based routing capabilities at the Layer 7 (application layer), enabling efficient traffic management.

Attach Apps and PaaS in <2 Minutes



Onboard platforms and applications as cloud-native service networking resources.


Applications, PaaS to Networks

Define platforms and applications as access and path-routing policy sources and destinations.

Foundational MCN Connectivity