Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website (“Website”), which is provided for your use by Prosimo, Inc. (referred to hereinafter as “Prosimo” or “we” (including objective “us” and possessive “our”)). We want you, the end user (“User,” or “you,” including possessive “your,”), to have a good experience in your use of our Website, our mobile applications (“Apps”), and our other services (collectively, we refer to the Website, the Apps, and our services as the “Services”), so we have provided this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to inform you about the ways in which Prosimo collects, uses and discloses information it obtains through a User’s use of the Services. This Privacy Policy is part of and incorporated into our Terms and Conditions of Use of Agreement. Generally, if we use terms in a specialized or particular way, we will capitalize them and define them in this Privacy Policy, but if a special capitalized term occurs without a definition, it will have the definition assigned to it in the Terms and Conditions of Use of Services Agreement. This Privacy Policy primarily concerns personally identifiable information (“PII”), which is information belonging to an individual person and identifying that individual person. PII includes information such as an individual person’s full name, mailing address, e-mail address, social security number, government identification number (such as a driver’s license number or a passport number), personal health information, and personal financial information. Also included in PII is information about the Internet Access Device that you use to access our Services. We collect, use, and share your PII in the following ways under this Privacy Policy.