Modernize Application Delivery

Are your distributed applications across multiple clouds communicating with one another effectively?

Prosimo achieves multi-cloud application to application connectivity with ease to deliver the ultimate application experience while remaining cloud native.


Distributed applications are hard

Managing communication between applications and services in different clouds is difficult. Adding on-premises to the mix makes it harder. And managing security, performance, and the cost is almost impossible. Enterprises have to balance the needs of legacy monolithic applications, modern service-mesh / distributed K8s, and everything in between. ​

Traditional architecture: 5-layer Sandwich
Setting up and maintaining connectivity between cloud providers requires a highly manual, point-to-point deployment in each cloud, leading to 5 complex layers:

  • Monitoring and insights
  • Zero Trust application segmentation
  • Application experience
  • Network firewalling
  • Underlay routing / multi-cloud connectivity

This legacy approach was designed for data centers.

use case chart 1

Cloud Complexity

  1. Impossible to diagnose poor user application performance across different clouds
  2. Complex architecture to maintain, with each cloud using its own set of tools for different layers
  3. Prevented from optimizing cloud spend based on a true outcome-based measurement for costs
  4. Requires different solutions to manage performance and security for apps
  5. Impossible to map performance and cost to application SLAs

Prosimo AXI

Prosimo Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) adopts a cloud-native, Zero Trust approach for service to service access. AXI understands the variety of app types and provides value at the HTTPs vs TCP vs IP connectivity. This allows organizations to quickly onboard modern applications, determine the application experience level, and deliver modern applications to any user in just a few clicks.

  • Interconnect application services across multiple clouds and regions in a secure and optimized way.
  • Data-driven cloud infrastructure decisions based on real business outcomes.
  • Measure application experience and analyze the results in real-time.
  • Automatically create access policies on-demand with just a few clicks.
use case chart 2

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