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Difficulty in rationalizing network traffic flows has significant operational costs to organizations, and is the cause of much frustration to cloud networking professionals. MTTR, or Mean Time To Innocence (MTTI) as is often the case with networking, requires deep insight, and not just of packets through subnets but from endpoints to platforms to services and more. Prosimo’s network insights show precisely the path, latency, and connectivity between any two resources across environments, platforms and cloud providers – well beyond a simple ping.


Prosimo’s unique ability to sit in the datapath of all traffic provides rich visibility at all layers (L4-7) including hop-by-hop flow analysis and latency/performance metrics. Operators can map network architecture with operational visibility for each segment and cloud-native constructs.

Introducing Cloud Network Observability & Troubleshooting

Source to Target Visibility

Cloud Tracer

Source to Target Visibility  is critical in troubleshooting problems. Unfortunately, traditional tools lack cloud fluency, and cloud provider tools lack support for distributed applications and multi-cloud architecture. 

Prosimo’s combination of abstracting individual cloud provider construct nuances, while orchestrating the providers cloud native network resources positions it for unparalleled multi-cloud visibility.

Cloud Tracer

With Prosimo’s Transit 360, operators can map network architecture with operational visibility for each segment and cloud-native constructs.

Prosimo’s Cloud Tracer provides a unified view of end-to-end tracing across regions, clouds, and data center workloads.

In addition to providing traditional tracing capabilities across diverse platforms and providers, it also evaluates the configuration of cloud-native resources, like route tables and security groups, to pinpoint where issues lie.


Taming Cloud Networking Costs

Get an overview with our product leaders in support of our latest release Cost 360!

Hosted by:

Scott Raynovich

Mani Ganesan

Navjyoti Sharma

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Cloud Network Observability

Hands-On Lab Overview:

Prosimo Hands-on Labs are live, small group, instructor-led events focussed on ensuring a safe and impactful learning experience. Interaction/Questions are encouraged.

In this lab, participants will: 

  • Deploy Prosimo into an existing network environment
  • Discover existing networks and network resources
  • Manage/Orchestrate resource connectivity across regions & clouds
  • Observe and Troubleshoot network patterns & faults

Required Skills:

  • Basic understanding of Cloud Networking concepts:
    • VPCs, VNETs
    • Subnets, Routes
    • Peering, Transit Gateways
    • Load-balancers, NAT Gateways
  • Ability to run Linux shell prompt commands
  • Operate input devices: keyboard, mouse 

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Discover Cloud Resources
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