Secure Cloud Resources

Consider an environment that is distributed across multiple VPCs/VNets and encompasses multiple regions and cloud accounts. In the scenario where you need to enforce a security policy within your production environment, it becomes cumbersome to apply the policy consistently across these subnets/VPCs/VNets, regions, and cloud accounts


Prosimo’s Network object is a flexible construct that represents your subnets/VPCs/VNets in the Prosimo fabric. A Prosimo network object could either consist of a single subnet from within a VPC or a VNet or a collection of subnets across VPCs or VNets. You can use this flexible network object to represent your various environments.

Introducing Secure Cloud Networks

Multi-Cloud Transit Security

2. Discover Networks

Multi-Cloud Transit Security refers to the application of policy across multiple regions, clouds, and accounts. Such an approach is required to ensure a common and consistent security posture for multi-cloud implementations and distributed teams, services, and applications. 

Network ACL

Network ACL

A common challenge organizations face is applying consistent segmentation policies that span a variety of logical abstractions (AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions, VPC’s, VNets, etc.).

Prosimo greatly simplifies this process by allowing users to apply stateful firewall rules that enforce user-defined boundaries without the need to mix and match disparate components that are unique to the individual clouds.

App/Resource ACL

App/Resource ACL refers to Prosimo’s application awareness in applying security policy. By defining applications (endpoints/FQDNs) as ACL destinations operators can:

  • Deliver a tighter security posture
  • Apply a Prosimo Web Application Firewall to the Policy


Network Namespaces

Network Namespaces allow for the network segmentation/isolation within the Prosimo Multi-Cloud Transit. With Network Namespaces operator can:

  • Define isolated network groups within the Multi-cloud Transit
  • Overcome challenges with overlapping IP address spaces (Overlapping CIDRs)


Taming Cloud Networking Costs

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Cloud Network Observability

Hands-On Lab Overview:

Prosimo Hands-on Labs are live, small group, instructor-led events focussed on ensuring a safe and impactful learning experience. Interaction/Questions are encouraged.

In this lab, participants will: 

  • Deploy Prosimo into an existing network environment
  • Discover existing networks and network resources
  • Manage/Orchestrate resource connectivity across regions & clouds
  • Observe and Troubleshoot network patterns & faults

Required Skills:

  • Basic understanding of Cloud Networking concepts:
    • VPCs, VNETs
    • Subnets, Routes
    • Peering, Transit Gateways
    • Load-balancers, NAT Gateways
  • Ability to run Linux shell prompt commands
  • Operate input devices: keyboard, mouse 

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