Prosimo Launches Industry’s Only Cloud-Native Networking Suite To Accelerate Multi-Cloud Adoption

New Suite of Features Extends Prosimo Full Stack Cloud Transit Platform to Align Networking and Application Teams and Shorten Time to Deployment

News Summary:

  • Prosimo unveils Cloud-Native Networking Suite that simplifies connectivity, compliance and multi-cloud operations. 
  • Provides a model for the Network and Applications teams to seamlessly and securely interconnect applications and services across regions and clouds to speed NetDevOps

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 19th, 2023 – Prosimo, today unveiled new innovations transforming how enterprises design, build, troubleshoot, and manage single and multi cloud networking environments. The Cloud-Native Networking Suite aligns the cloud and network by bringing the focus on applications while providing a robust underlying networking architecture. Large enterprises, including F500 companies, have already adopted this suite to simplify cloud onboarding, reduce network delivery life cycles, shorten MTTR, and more efficiently manage cloud resources with cost savings benefits.

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Multicloud adoption at scale is being slowed by a slew of different tools, operating models and varying skill sets. To accelerate productivity, build competitive advantages and grow revenue, enterprises must invest in a cloud network infrastructure that aligns to application requirements across performance, security, governance and costs. The Cloud-Native Networking Suite bridges conventional cloud networking and the Full Stack Cloud transit model by introducing new tools with unparalleled simplicity. This drastically improves operational efficiency, accelerates cloud adoption and enables IT to be more responsive to the needs of the business.

Full Stack
How Prosimo Cloud Native Networking Suite Helps Cross the Chasm to Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking

Cloud-Native Networking Suite includes:

  • Visual Transit Builder Simplifies Connectivity  
    • Visual Transit Builder provides a drag & drop approach that simplifies the process for cloud network architects to onboard networks, applications, and services across any cloud using the same visual builder, saving resources and shortening deployment times. 
  • Cloud Tracer Speeds Troubleshooting and Resolution 
    • Cloud Tracer is a tool that helps enterprises track network topology and flow tracing across different regions and data centers.  It reduces MTTR by identifying and anticipating real-time issues across networking, security, and applications.
  • Adaptive Service Insertion Eliminates Human Error for Compliance 
    • Adaptive Service Insertion simplifies compliance in the cloud by allowing fine-grained policy definition and real-time visibility to insert stateful services such as firewalls in the path for networks and apps.  This reduces the risk of human error, simplifies ongoing maintenance, and helps right-size the services to save costs.

“The distributed and digital enterprise requires an app-centric multi-cloud network architecture.  This architecture must ensure cloud networking teams can build connectivity to any cloud region in minutes versus weeks or days, enabling the application teams to move fast and self-onboard their services while staying compliant with all the governance policies,” said Head of Product Mani Ganesan, Prosimo. “The Prosimo Full Stack Cloud Transit was built for enterprises to connect networks, applications, PaaS, and users into a single unified fabric.  With the launch of the Cloud-Native Networking Suite, we’re introducing a transformative set of tools for enterprises to rapidly adopt native services from cloud service providers and elevate them to meet the scale, operational flexibility and compliance needs.”

Key benefits of the Cloud-Native Networking Suite include:

  • Support for brownfield deployments by leveraging CSP native services, overcoming overlapping IP, and enabling dynamic segmentation. 
  • A common methodology for any cloud eliminates the need to retrain or hire new talent.
  • Reduce onboarding times from weeks to minutes via visual onboarding workflows and reusable network designs across any CSP. 
  • Eliminating the need for home-grown automation while still integrating with CD/CI pipeline integration and enabling NetDevops workflows.
  • One platform that can attach VPC subnets and PaaS, Serverless, to the same transit.
  • Identify root cause of network, application and security issues cross-region and cross-cloud in real time and achieve faster resolution.
  • ML-led Day N operations with Predictive alerts and infrastructure recommendations based on cost, security, and application performance needs.


“Enterprise Strategy Group research shows a majority of organizations are using multiple public clouds (IaaS & PaaS) in a meaningful way but creates a new set of challenges and complexity in the cloud. It’s imperative that organizations today become proficient in each cloud environment so that it does not delay deployments as business requirements rapidly evolve. The Prosimo Cloud-Native Networking Suite enables organizations to leverage multiple public cloud environments in an operationally efficient manner- ensuring organizations can accelerate application deployments to the public cloud of their choice,” said Bob Laliberte, principal analysts, network, Enterprise Strategy Group.