Packet Pushers Podcast – Cloud Networking Customer Panel

Listen to Day Two Cloud, where Packet Pusher Ned and Ethan explore the challenges of multicloud networking. Prosimo has assembled a panel of experts, including Neill Smith, Ahmed Ali, and Faraz Siddiqui, to discuss the complexities of cloud networking.

The following topics are covered in this podcast:

Understanding Multicloud Networking

  • How multicloud happens—sometimes by design, and sometimes not so much
  • Dividing cloud networking and platform responsibilities within a team

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) in Cloud and Multicloud Environments

  • Bringing ZTNA into cloud and multicloud environments
  • AWS and Prosimo’s partnership on ZTNA

Prosimo's Approach to Cloud Networking

  • Balancing performance, security, and cost in cloud networking
  • Managing service networking in a multicloud environment
  • The importance of NetDevOps in cloud networking
  • How Prosimo simplifies cloud networking with its service mesh