2022: A year in review

In 2022, Prosimo made a splash in the industry by embracing a Cloud Native approach and demonstrating its potential. Our platform innovations, and a successful fundraising round, allowed us to bring on board major F100 brands eager to improve their cloud architecture.

We are committed to continuing our innovation in this space and building a team of rockstars to help enterprises deploy a consistent cloud network platform, enabling them to go to market faster and more efficiently.

Customer Endorsements of our approach to cloud

16 Industry Experts
1st Annual Cloud Networking Event
7 Collaborative Sessions
Group 3012
  • Offsite with customers at TopGolf
  • Engaging Live Podcast with Packet Pushers
  • Gartner keynote highlights service networking

Product innovations

Industry recognition


$30 M Series B Announcement

By thinking differently, we’ve defined and built the gold standard for modern networking in the cloud, focused on outcomes and simplicity.  But this was just the beginning… 

2023 will be the year we’ll see cloud networking become the norm for scalable cloud adoption.  And we will be the gold standard for cloud networking