Prosimo Joins Forces With AWS To Disrupt ZTNA Market

Prosimo accelerates enterprise adoption of AWS Verified Access to overcome challenges with mid-mile ZTNA solutions.

News Summary:

  • Prosimo with AWS provides posture and performance – a unified approach to give distributed users secure access and optimized performance to applications simultaneously.
  • Prosimo is one of the only data plane providers to simplify the deployment of AWS Verified Access services.
  • Prosimo Full Stack gives enterprises a turbo boost to cloud operations by integrating AWS native services.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 Prosimo, the Application Experience Infrastructure company, announced that it is joining forces with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide complete end-to-end orchestration for the new AWS Verified Access service.

Prosimo is working with AWS to allow enterprises to customize and deploy zero trust network access (ZTNA) rapidly while ensuring complete data and traffic control.  Prosimo’s platform simplifies the orchestration of the AWS Verified Access service and provides additional performance optimization using AWS backbone, intelligent routing, and application services.  Enterprises can instantaneously access any of the latest cloud-native capabilities, like AWS Verified Access, without having to re-architect their existing clouds or worry about managing multiple environments.  This approach enables enterprises to quickly develop, test and deploy secure, high-performing applications across any public or hybrid cloud environment.

“Cloud-forward organizations require a cloud-native ZTNA architecture – one that combines secure access with performance and posture to meet the challenges of modern applications in the cloud. Our deepening work with AWS allows us to deliver tightly coupled integrations rapidly that enable customers to simplify and streamline IT operations with fewer resources.”

Ramesh Prabagaran, Co-founder and CEO of Prosimo

Why traditional ZTNA solutions fall short

Traditional ZTNA approaches take traffic to the vendor cloud-first to enforce policies and bring it back to the AWS Region close to the application.  The model breaks a well-architected framework by not utilizing cloud-native services and optimized flows using AWS backbone and services such as AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Cloud WAN, AWS Global Accelerator, and AWS PrivateLink. This often leads to operational complexity, increasing risk, escalating costs, and negative impacts on performance.

Secure Access + Performance at Cloud Speed

Prosimo provides an end-to-end orchestration solution with advanced controls using these cloud-native services from AWS.  The Prosimo Full Stack takes a comprehensive approach to help customers deploy AWS Verified Access and includes performance optimization, secure access, dynamic risk calculation, and orchestration of all ecosystem components, such as identity provider [IdP] integration, Domain Name Service [DNS], and connectivity, without any traffic leaving customers’ AWS environment.  In addition to secure access, Prosimo can balance and optimize performance and costs per application basis.

One-click purchase and billing in AWS Marketplace

Prosimo solutions are available in AWS Marketplace and allow customers to seamlessly consume Prosimo solutions with one easy click of a button and consolidate billing.


About Prosimo:

Prosimo delivers a simplified multicloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys.  Companies innovate faster and remain in control with the Prosimo integrated stack.  This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk.  Cloud-forward enterprises, including F100, have adopted Prosimo to successfully roll out revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate positive business outcomes.  Prosimo is venture-backed by marquee investors such as General Catalyst, WRVI Capital, and Blackrock.  For more information, visit

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