Top 5 reasons why you need to focus on cloud networking now + ZTNA CNS 2022

Creating a multi-cloud environment is a bit like walking into a Pick n Mix store. You select the services you want or need to meet demand. At this level, cloud service provisioning seems easy. And agility means you can quickly adapt or react to technical, social, political, legal, and financial conditions. But if the ultimate outcomes of multi-cloud promise better scalability, improved/maintained security, always-on, business-as-usual availability, agility, and more, the question is, why wouldn’t you adopt a multi-cloud approach? Granted, your legacy approach may not scale for the cloud in some scenarios, but you still need to move beyond connectivity and factor in this changing operating model. In doing so, you can reduce risk, ensure continuity, and reap many other benefits. In this breakout session with Teneo CTO, Andy de Clerck will be joined by Nirdosh Kumar from Handshake, a born-in-the-cloud job platform for students, as they dive deeper into the MCN challenges