CNS 2022 Key Note – The Current state of Multicloud deployments, what works and what doesnt’

95 percent of the businesses surveyed in an early 2022 “blind” survey (paid for by a major cloud provider) cited multi-cloud as key to their future success. Beyond the general cloud capacity required to support a post-pandemic business world, decisions are being made to bring on additional clouds for specific purposes, i.e., the expanded use of AI and analytics, edge computing, and providing their key innovator with the tools they need to become an industry disruptor or to avoid being disrupted. With the massive number of enterprises moving to multi-cloud-based deployments, it’s critical to understand their successes with this meta-architecture as well as their failures. Tools such as network abstraction, data automation, and the virtualization of architectural complexity are the top technologies to deploy to make multi-cloud successful. These tools are not widely understood today but are nonetheless critical if enterprises want to get the most value out of multi-cloud, and at the same time, remove risk and cost. In this presentation, we’ll review aspects of multi-cloud that you probably won’t hear about in the press, from the large consulting organizations, or even from enterprises that now deal with multi-cloud deployments. In other words, this is the “insider’s” view of multi-cloud. We’ll look at what works. Equally important, we’ll look at what doesn’t work. If multi-cloud is in your future, and for 95 percent of us that seems to be the case, this is a must-attend event.