Prosimo Launches Cross-Cloud Service Connect, a Single Click to Cross Cloud Networking

Large Enterprises Achieve Rapid Cross-Cloud Networking for Distributed Data Access

  • Cross-Cloud Service Connect unlocks three critical use cases – distributed data access, fostering B2B partner connectivity and enabling developer self-service.
  • Cross-Cloud Service Connect addresses the technical constraints of hyperscaler’s Private Link connectivity by expanding to multi-region and multi-cloud.
  • Large Enterprises have achieved cost savings for provisioning cross-cloud connectivity between applications and service endpoints using lightweight infrastructure.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prosimo, a leader in multi-cloud networking solutions, announced the launch of Cross-Cloud Service Connect, a new set of capabilities under its Service Networking architecture. The capability tackles the technical limitations of hyperscaler’s PrivateLink & endpoint networking by extending it to multi-region and multi-cloud. The solution works on any underlay – the public cloud backbone, digital infrastructure providers or Google cross-connect, and they all act as a foundational substrate for cross-cloud service connect. The result is one-click simplicity for applications & endpoints to connect natively and securely across clouds.

This cloud-native solution unlocks three key use cases – distributed data access (e.g., AI / ML engine accessing data across clouds), B2B partner connectivity across clouds & developer self-service to connect only endpoints of interest.

“With enterprises adopting various AI services from different clouds and accessing distributed data, networking in the cloud has to evolve fast to interconnect these service endpoints simply and securely. The cloud networking solutions in the market that focus on IP connectivity alone do not understand service endpoints. Technologies like service mesh have been talked about for a while; enterprises struggle with their side car proxies and agents that do not scale or work for PaaS applications,” said Mani Ganesan, vice president of product, Prosimo.

“Native cloud provider tools such as PrivateLink, at best, solve for a single region of their cloud, not across clouds or regions. We built Cross-Cloud Service Connect to solve this challenge for enterprises at this critical juncture of their cloud adoption journey,” Ganesan added.

Connecting Application and Service Endpoints Across Clouds Is Extremely Complex Today

Enterprises are challenged with connecting application and service endpoints in different clouds. For example, AI & ML engines running on one cloud need data access from a different cloud, and business logic in one cloud requires access to cloud-native DB or S3 bucket in a different cloud. While hyperscalers offer customers innovative native networking services, enterprises still need to take manual-intensive steps & bring third-party proxy & networking stacks to enable cross-cloud connectivity. Modern service mesh offerings do not address cloud-native endpoints like PaaS applications, and traditional networking stack that works at the IP layer requires heavy IT and costly, time-consuming approaches.

The Prosimo Cross-Cloud Service Connect builds on its Full Stack architecture – so it is lightweight, offers fine-grained access control to ensure compliance and is more secure and cost-effective. Furthermore, Prosimo’s integration with the layer 3 connectivity fabrics like Megaport builds interconnectivity across clouds and regions in minutes. It acts as the foundational connectivity layer, delivering the rapid response times necessary for modern cloud infrastructure operations.

Prosimo Service Core capability

 Key benefits of Prosimo Cross-Cloud Service Connect include:

  • Cloud Agility & Developer Velocity: Time to provision cross-cloud app/service connectivity goes from weeks to minutes, unlocking data and application teams move fast irrespective of the location and cloud.
  • Cost Control: Lightweight implementation manages expenses by eliminating outdated network infrastructure costs and reducing expenses related to NAT gateways and IP address conflicts.
  • Reduced Latency: Intelligent routing across multiple clouds and existing network underlays to meet application needs and achieve a 30-50% reduction in cross-cloud latency.
  • Brownfield Deployment: Leverage previous investments in multi-cloud service connectivity, which includes AWS PrivateLink, Azure PrivateLink, GCP CCN and PSC.
  • ZT Security Framework: Consistent architecture for securely interconnecting application and service endpoints and connecting to the cloud. 
  • Privacy/Compliance: Fine-grained access control for each service/application endpoint without hindering innovation.

Prosimo Multi-Cloud Private Link capability

Unlock Agility For Cloud Networking

This solution is already in production with Fortune 500 enterprises and has several use cases demonstrating its proven success. Top three use case customers are deploying Cross-Cloud Service Connect:

Use Case 1: Enable Fast and Secure Distributed Data Access
Prosimo has enabled fast and secure distributed data access of business-critical data for various data management systems, including Google Cloud’s BigQuery for interactive analysis of large datasets and AWS Sagemaker for data pre-processing and model training to perform sophisticated risk analysis. Below are examples of distributed data scenarios solved by enterprises with this approach:

  • Web-based front-end querying data stored in the same or another cloud
    • E.g., an app hosted on Azure for providing a seamless interface for querying and visualizing complex financial datasets
  • Data Processing and Predictive Modeling
    • Azure ML for processing historical market data and generating predictive models for stock price movements and volatility.
  • Data Storage and Management
    • Google Cloud’s BigQuery for interactive analysis of large datasets.
    • AWS DynamoDB for real-time processing of transactions.
    • AWS S3 for storing and managing massive amounts of data.

Use Case 2: Business Partner Connectivity
The solution has also been proven to foster B2B partner connectivity while prioritizing security. Prosimo achieved this by providing lightweight PrivateLink and endpoint-based architectures to connect only endpoints of interest across clouds.

Use Case 3: Developer Self-Service Cloud Networking
Lastly, Cross-Cloud Service Connect removes the complexities associated with networking, access, and security requirements for developers to improve self-service. This simplification allows for any application endpoint – including Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs), IP addresses, containers, Kubernetes (K8), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and serverless endpoints – to be seamlessly attached to a network or security boundary with appropriate policies.