Prosimo and Equinix Network Edge jointly deliver Seamless Multi-Cloud Networking.

A Unified Vision for Seamless Cloud On-Ramp

As businesses embrace the digital age, harnessing the power of cloud computing has become essential for growth and innovation. Deployments are highly distributed and increasingly hybrid and multicloud. However, cloud solutions offer unparalleled advantages and challenges related to managing the complexity of such hybrid/multicloud deployments; the associated egress costs and performance have prompted the need for innovative solutions. Enter the dynamic collaboration between Prosimo and Equinix Network Edge, a revolutionary alliance that decisively conquers these challenges.

Integrating Prosimo’s multicloud networking prowess with Equinix Network Edge infrastructure creates a seamless cloud on-ramp strategy that redefines how businesses approach cloud connectivity. This strategic collaboration integrates Prosimo’s cutting-edge multicloud networking capabilities and Equinix’s renowned interconnection services. The result is a unified solution that maximizes the efficiency of cloud on-ramp operations while also addressing pressing concerns regarding performance, data transfer costs, and cloud repatriation.

Elevating Cloud On-Ramp via Equinix Network Edge Innovation

At the heart of this partnership lies Equinix Network Edge innovation. Equinix Network Edge empowers businesses to deploy virtual network services on Equinix Fabric for global interconnection. The key advantage? This localized placement translates to minimized latency and optimized application performance. In tandem with Prosimo’s multicloud networking capabilities, this integration enables organizations to establish secure, direct connections to various cloud providers, streamlining data flows and eradicating performance bottlenecks.

Branch offices, data centers, or remote users connect to Equinix Network Edge using a variety of underlays such as private circuits, internet, or SDWAN. They can then leverage Equinix Network Edge for the global on-ramp to the nearest Prosimo ingress edge to access their multicloud infrastructure.

Traditional data transfer methods often involve traversing multiple hops and public internet routes, leading to latency issues and potential security vulnerabilities. The joint Prosimo and Equinix solution ensures a robust network architecture that sidesteps these challenges, allowing for expedited data transfers and improved overall user experiences.

A powerful, cost-effective alternative for multi-cloud, multi-region data transfer challenges

Data transfer costs have long been a significant concern for organizations with substantial data transfer needs. Traditional cloud migrations often incur considerable expenses linked to data ingress and egress. The Prosimo and Equinix partnership offers a strategic roadmap to tackle this challenge through Equinix Network Edge integration and Prosimo’s intelligent traffic management capabilities.

Prosimo’s integration with Equinix Network Edge and Equinix Fabric defines a multi-cloud transit architecture that allows customers to adopt a more holistic approach for their data transfer and security choices. By leveraging Prosimo’s full-stack MCN and Equinix’s interconnected platform, businesses can circumvent the public internet and sometimes the cloud backbone, effectively minimizing the costs associated with data transfers or expensive NAT and security stacks. Prosimo’s traffic routing and optimization, powered by AI/ML insights, further contribute to cost savings by dynamically selecting the most cost-effective or performant pathways for data movement.

An Agile approach to Cloud Repatriation Challenges

The complexities of cloud repatriation, involving the migration of applications and data back from the cloud to on-premises infrastructure, have been an ongoing concern for businesses. Whether it is the desire to protect the company’s “crown-jewels “or to mitigate cost and compliance concerns, business requirements have mandated a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. However, companies have sometimes aggressively shed these strategic investments in adopting a more cloud-forward approach. The joint offering between Prosimo and Equinix introduces a novel perspective on mitigating these challenges. The strategic integration of Equinix Network Edge and Prosimo’s multi-cloud networking capabilities empowers organizations to maintain a flexible networking architecture that accommodates seamless workload migrations between cloud environments and on-premises or Equinix colocation and data center services .

This newfound agility is particularly valuable for businesses reevaluating their cloud strategies and considering repatriation for certain workloads. The collaboration provides a sturdy network foundation that adapts to changing requirements, streamlining the transition process, and minimizing potential disruptions linked to cloud repatriation.

Elevating the conversation to service aware networking

With Equinix Network Edge, customers get a readymade global infrastructure (30+ locations) for their hybrid multi-cloud needs. Prosimo not only provides seamless network and transit connectivity over this robust infrastructure but also elevates security and connectivity constructs to the application level. Customers can seamlessly connect users, applications, and networks securely and performantly across their hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. Application-level security, visibility, and performance -all available as an intrinsic part of the Prosimo full-stack network are now globally delivered on Equinix Network Edge

Embracing a flexible, future-proof architecture

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, optimizing cloud on-ramp strategies while mitigating data transfer costs and cloud repatriation complexities is pivotal. The Prosimo and Equinix alliance emerges as a pioneering force in this endeavor. By harnessing the strategic potential of Equinix Network Edge and Prosimo’s full-stack multi-cloud networking prowess, businesses can pave a seamless, cost-effective path to cloud connectivity. As organizations navigate the intricate path of cloud adoption, this groundbreaking collaboration promises a brighter future of efficient, agile, and cost-conscious cloud on-ramp and transit solutions.

Join Kevin Skahill of Equinix and Mani Ganesan of Prosimo to hear about the integration and automation of Equinix Edge and Prosimo Connectors.