Empowering Hybrid Multi-Cloud: Prosimo’s Full-Stack Transit Platform at Equinix Network Edge


Effortless Cloud Connectivity: Prosimo’s Full-Stack Transit Platform on Equinix Network Edge accelerates enterprise cloud access. Seamlessly integrate with existing devices, enable bi-directional traffic flow, and achieve rapid deployment for efficient modern cloud operations

Why Prosimo and Equinix

Prosimo’s full-stack transit platform running in Equinix network Edge provides enterprise customers an onramp to their cloud resources across their hybrid multi-cloud environment. The seamless integration enables one-touch deployment of Prosimo connectors from the Equinix network Edge portal and peers with existing networking devices such as SD-WAN or next-gen firewall. This allows bi-directional traffic flow between Equinix fabric workloads or workloads in the DC/branch and the cloud. Its deployment within the Equinix fabric takes minutes, delivering the rapid response times necessary for modern cloud infrastructure operations. The Industry’s only full-stack MCN fabric from Prosimo provides an L3-L7 stack, with options to interconnect VPC, VNETs, PaaS services, serverless applications, and users with built-in ZTNA for any traffic pattern through the fabric.

The Challenge

Many organizations today have different business-critical applications distributed across their multiple cloud and data center environments. Building a scalable, secure, and optimized cloud network for these workloads begins with consolidating connectivity from their DCs to local cloud onramp centers. Efforts to do this using traditional networking approaches have been fraught with challenges that impact project execution timelines, customer satisfaction, and overall business outcomes

Key challenges:

  1. Increased Operational Complexity from managing the growing fleet of networking appliances required across multiple cloud regions and onramp centers.  Additionally, traditional networking approaches use an overlay tunnel mesh architecture, and more tunnels must be managed in various cloud regions and onramp centers. 

  2. Performance and Visibility – The use of L3 tunneling methods have been adopted for linking onramp centers with cloud regions, which can affect the overall performance and network visibility of the cloud, especially when these tunnels are established over the public internet.

  3. Networking and segmentation in the cloud are complex – traditional networking solutions work where connectivity and networking to the cloud are required. However, it falls short where connectivity, networking, and segmentation across regions and multi-cloud environments are needed. Also, Micro-segmentation policies based on L7 information are difficult to enforce as traditional networking solutions use policies built using L3 parameters.

  4. Lack of control with traffic paths – Enterprises with private circuits via Equinix to connect to multiple public cloud regions can set up path preference policies in Prosimo to dictate public vs. private paths for DC to the cloud, cloud region to cloud region, etc. 

  5. Scaling: Traditional networking appliances are typically not cloud-native and face challenges in meeting the dynamic scaling requirements of the organization in the cloud. 

Prosimo and Equinix - Complete Cloud Networking Architecture

Organizations can use the Prosimo platform to build a scalable, secure, and optimized cloud network. Prosimo creates a secure network fabric at Layer 3 and – optionally – through Layer 7 at the application layer in the cloud. This flexibility means you may connect subnets and application endpoints within one cloud or across clouds with the flexibility to microsegment down to an individual IP address. Whether between CSP regions or crossing over to another cloud (public or private), Prosimo establishes secure transit with consistent policy in only minutes. The platform requires a limited understanding of CSP services and zero need to understand or configure network policies at the L3/L4 level, which reduces operational complexity.

Organizations can consolidate connectivity from multiple DCs and branch offices from Network Edge on Platform Equinix. From there, they can offload cloud traffic to Prosimo, where the platform, while using Equinix Fabric low-latency cloud connections, will deliver seamless connectivity and networking to any cloud region and address their network requirements within the cloud

Cloud connectivity with Prosimo and Equinix

The value of using the Prosimo platform and Network Edge on Platform Equinix for your cloud connectivity:

  1. Keep existing connectivity consolidation solutions for Branch-to-Cloud and branch-to-DC workflows. 

  2. Reach multiple clouds, internet, and SaaS through Equinix fabric and Prosimo onramp.

  3. Cloud Networking within/across the regions and cloud providers.

  4. No choke-point in connectivity to clouds

  5. Network and application layer segmentation.

  6. Orchestration of cloud-native components (Transit Gateway (TGW), Virtual WAN(VWAN), Private link attachments, DNS, Route table management)

  7. Advanced security controls – Traffic inspection via WAF, Zero trust identity, and context-aware access for users

  8. Encryption with no performance tradeoffs. 

  9. Multi-layer Performance and Cost Optimization for all connectivity “Highways.”

  10. Consistent policy enforcement via the Prosimo Policy engine – across regions and cloud providers.

  11. Operational readiness for Day2+ with Deep Cloud network and applications visibility

Business Outcomes

  1. Accelerate time to value: With Prosimo and Equinix, organizations can deliver secure cloud networks in minutes, not days – as fast as cloud computing and data infrastructure.
  2. Avoid technical debt: Prosimo enables you to reduce your dependence upon specialized networking or CSP-specific expertise.
  3. Increased productivity: Prosimo platform reduces maintenance windows due to virtual appliance failures, upgrades, or patching. In addition, the platform:
    1. Helps organizations diagnose and remediate problems faster by isolating the network from application problems.
    2. Provides complete orchestration of cloud networking services required to connect, scale, and secure enterprise applications.
  4. Control cloud network costs: The platform leverages the cloud-native infrastructure and utilizes existing cloud services for connectivity and networking to endpoints.
  5. Better control of traffic paths: Prosimo provides Enterprises the control they need to choose paths for their inter-region and inter-cloud traffic for predictability, compliance, and cost management regions. 


Prosimo and Network Edge on Platform Equinix help organizations address their cloud networking requirements in their cloud, branch, and DC environments. Organizations can build a dynamic, scalable full-stack transit layer from Prosimo that allows them to deliver various services on top of Equinix infrastructure by providing app-native networking, application performance, secure access, and observability.

Listen to the Prosimo + Equinix Webinar for more details