Failure to launch due to overlapping CIDR?  Get to escape velocity with Prosimo

Every network engineer has at some point in their career have had to deal with the problem of overlapping CIDRs. Classically these problems have been solved at the routing layer using VRFs, tunneling etc. However with the center of gravity moving to the cloud, there is an opportunity to adopt a horses-for-courses approach instead of […]

Turbocharge your Corporate Application Access with AWS and Prosimo

Tired of legacy VPNs and tunnel-hopping challenges? Tired of playing infrastructure Jenga with stacks of virtual appliances in the cloud? Wondering when “doing your job” became your job?

Prosimo + AWS Verified Access – Security, connectivity, visibility, all in one solution, in your cloud, natively.

AWS Cloud WAN, what and why

The question to ask is, “Does my networking layer configuration need to be a direct instantiation of the communication relationships between my application endpoints or subnets? “because that would imply an exponential change matrix every time you need to add a new VPC or a service or make changes to an existing one.