How Prosimo + Azure enables Cloud Network Transformation Part 1

Azure is becoming the cloud of choice for many enterprises with their networking capabilities that empower them to deliver critical application needs for their customers. The first step is to lay the foundations of successful Cloud Networking transit that can deliver better availability , seamless connectivity across regions, improved app performance, and reduce risk. This approach uses the Azure network backbone, edge locations, and cloud-native services to connect data centers, branches, and users directly to applications in the cloud. In this two-part hands-on Tech Deep Dive, join Global Blackbelt, Azure Networking Heather Sze and Prosimo Head of Product, Mani as they walk through the four use cases Azure and Prosimo customers successfully implement to transform the enterprise backbone. Topics for discussion in session 1 include: Rethinking Cloud Networking: the role of Azure and Prosimo in your cloud or multicloud journey Use Case 1: How Prosimo and Azure provide Cloud Transit to Users from anywhere using to securely access apps in any region. Use Case 2: Connecting Apps in different regions securely with each other using the Cloud Transit.