Prosimo at Cloud Field Day 18

Prosimo in 10 Minutes
Enabling Highly Elastic, Secure Multi-Cloud Networking Infrastructure

The Head of Product introduces Prosimo in this presentation and outlines key challenges faced by enterprises to operationalize their multi and hybrid cloud architecture and showcase how to solve the top challenges for Connecting to and within Clouds. See how Prosimo is simplify multicloud infrastructure for large enterprises. This Full Stack Multi-Cloud Networking stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networking to reduce complexity and risk.

How Prosimo Solves Multi-Cloud Networking Challenges with a Cloud-Native Blueprint

Prosimo delves into key technical challenges faced by a customer, including, handling dynamic IP address changes for PaaS, Infrastructure apps and Serverless, addressing obseravability issues, orchestrating and operationalizing cloud-native gateway attachments, route propagation, and steering filtered traffic using service insertion with Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). The session also highlights strategies for inserting encryption, segmentation and security, offering valuable insights for tackling these complexities in a large scale network infrastructure. Overcoming these challenges resulted in a Multi-cloud Networking architecture that was scaleable and reduced this customers time to value along with reducing cloud usage bills by 50%+.

Solve Discovery of Cloud Assets with a Prosimo Multi-Cloud Networking Blueprint

This session explores the seamless discovery of cloud resources, including VPCs, networks, and applications. Attendees will learn how to access a comprehensive catalog of existing connectivity and gain insights into routing information from all VPCs and VNETs within their cloud infrastructure. Discover effective methods for enhancing visibility and understanding the network landscape in the cloud environment.

Build Cloud Connectivity with a Prosimo Multi-Cloud Networking Blueprint

Learn how to abstract the complexities of configuring Multi-Cloud Transit, operationalize and orchestrate cloud-native resources, and handle dynamically changing IPs effortlessly. Discover streamlined connection requests and workflows by easily attaching applications to networks. Explore the practicality of establishing workflows to attach multiple VPCs to TGW and Prosimo across hundreds of accounts at scale.

Ensure a Secure Multi-Cloud Network with a Prosimo Multi-Cloud Networking Blueprint

In this session, discover strategies for routing filtered traffic to NGFW security services or virtual appliances for deep inspection. Learn how to maintain VRF aware segmentation from DC to the cloud, Explore the power of leveraging location-based policies to ensure compliance and meet regional data locality requirements. Gain insights into achieving efficient network security and segmentation in complex cloud environments.

A Cloud-Native Approach to Solve Overlapping IP and Insert a Firewall with Prosimo

Join us in exploring the common challenge of overlapping CIDRs that network engineers encounter throughout their careers. Traditionally, these issues were addressed using routing techniques like VRFs and tunneling, often leading to complex L3-heavy architectures. However, the shift to the cloud presents an opportunity for a more tailored approach. Learn how to connect applications and services to partner accounts without delving into the underlying networking intricacies, benefiting from a cloud-native perspective. Discover how Prosimo use the Cloud native ‘Private Links’ to offer a seamless means of connecting core applications to multi-cloud partner accounts while enhancing security through a robust policy engine, all without the need for route advertisements or compromising security.

Reduce MTTR for Cloud Networks with a Prosimo Multi-Cloud Networking Blueprint

Join us to explore the challenges of troubleshooting network-related issues across different cloud service providers. Discover how basic connectivity tests, like pings, PCAPs, and route tracing, can be needlessly complex. Understand the multitude of factors that impact connectivity and the intricacies of interconnecting various components within the cloud. Learn how Prosimo avoids the 20+ steps typically required to troubleshoot even the simplest connectivity problems between workloads connected via an AWS Transit Gateway. Gain insights into simplifying network troubleshooting in multi-cloud environments.

Reduce Cloud Egress Costs Using Prosimo Multi-Cloud Networking

This session delves into achieving crucial cost visibility in the cloud, spanning cloud accounts, resources, bandwidth, and applications. Explore methods for implementing a chargeback model tailored to business units, factoring in apps, accounts, and shared services like firewalls. Assess the efficiency of your cloud network resources, particularly in terms of compute optimization within a spokeless architecture. Learn about the most cost-effective strategies for optimizing traffic paths in cloud-native environments, ensuring both performance and budgetary efficiency.