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Rethink How You Deliver Application Experience

Prosimo makes it easy for traditionally siloed teams across the organization to work together to deliver powerful application experiences. Our solution sits on top of existing multi-cloud infrastructure to help simplify cloud operations, enforce consistent security policies, modernize applications and enable infrastructure transformation.

Chief Information Officer

CEOs turn to the CIO to accelerate digital business transformation for their businesses. CIOs inspire and empower their teams to build digital initiatives in the cloud, while they must continue to oversee the traditional responsibilities of their IT systems.


Ensures that IT is a business enabler while remaining secure in the face of growing threats.

Core Needs

CIOs are the bridge between many teams and are required to strike many balances — security versus accessibility, performance versus cost, and agility versus consistency. They need a better way to measure and deliver experiences that map to real business outcomes.

Pain Points

  • Being accountable for digital business acceleration while managing a legacy network and security architecture that requires more people and more budget.
  • The perception is that security is an inhibitor to getting work done, making it hard for users to buy into and follow security protocols.
  • Modern applications are made up of hundreds or thousands of microservices that sit across multiple cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure.
  • The teams that set, measure, and ensure application experience are traditionally siloed in their own corner of the network with little interaction between them.

Rethink how you deliver and secure applications with Prosimo AXI.

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Prosimo Outcomes


Streamline your operating model for the multi-cloud world.

  • Reduce the time it takes to create a new edge for fast connectivity for users
  • Helps accelerate digital - build new apps faster across multiple-clouds
  • Help them modernize their legacy apps as they do lift and shift with a consistent experience
  • Deployments applications 90% faster

A better handle on cloud spends and how it impacts application experience.

  • Provide better cost control tools for their teams by using elastic infra services
  • Understand the cost of running the application before and after
  • Saving time for the cloud ops team

Increase security without impacting performance.

  • Improve end-user experience with their enterprise services, whether it's their customers, partners, or employees
  • Users can access the application within the desired security level
  • User to Ingress, Ingress to application, and everything in between with one stack
  • Full control of their data and enables their teams to meet compliance needs for their industry vertical

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