Full-Stack Cloud Transit

Prosimo Service Networking and Layer 3 Networking deliver Full-Stack Cloud Transit to power the enterprise cloud.

Why Is a Full-Stack Cloud Transit Needed?

IaaS, PaaS, and application endpoints need to communicate at various levels. The IaaS apps running in VPC or VNET need connecting, securing, and optimizing at the network layer. PaaS or serverless apps can be attached only via the application layer using FQDNs. This level of complexity increases by magnitudes as enterprises move across other clouds and regions.

To ensure the security, performance, consistency, and simplicity of their cloud environment, enterprises need to build an intelligent fabric that seamlessly interconnects these services and understands various applications. Prosimo’s architecture fulfills this need through its Full-Stack Cloud Transit and ML capabilities to deliver Autonomous Multicloud Networking.

What Is a Full-Stack Cloud Transit?

Prosimo’s Network Transit and App Transit are the core building blocks that provide enterprises with a Full-Stack Cloud Transit. The single architecture simplifies and automates multi-cloud. The following components comprise the full stack:

  • Layer 3 Networkingt:
    • Ability to seamlessly stitch together any network across regions and clouds in a cloud-native fashion
    • Seamless onboarding of networks and applications to simple day 2 operations
    • New capabilities released in April 2022 include:
      • Cloud asset discovery—Gives enterprises the ability to discover all cloud assets, enable single-click onboarding for cloud network assets, and create network transit for hybrid, inter-region, and cross-cloud with segmentation.
      • Cloud-native orchestration—Simplifies orchestration across any cloud service provider environment, including AWS Cloud WAN, Azure Virtual WAN, and Private Link.
  • Service Networking:
    • The only transit understands the application and its needs by providing app-native networking, application performance, secure access, and observability.
    • New capabilities released in April 2022 include:
      • Real-time app transit map—Provides complete visibility into transit health based on application access and overlay views based on usage trends, cost, performance, or availability issues.
      • Dynamic application segmentation—Enables enterprises to isolate or create tiers of applications based on application ID using service networking. Enterprises can also view transactions and dynamic risk scoring to define and model policies. 
Fig 1: The Full-Stack Cloud Transit

The Full-Stack Cloud Transit with Machine Learning Is ‘Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking’

Unique to Prosimo’s architecture is the rich data derived from the entire stack (L3–L7) that directs data-driven decisions. The differentiating factor of Prosimo is its use of machine learning (ML) and ML-generated recommendations. The CIRRUS ML engine provides the following recommendations, per customer, based on its learnings:

  • Cost and performance optimization
  • Dynamic user risk score
  • Infrastructure expansion based on user access

New autonomous multi-cloud networking (MCN) released in April 2022 continues to innovate with data-driven decisions. Specifically, Prosimo added deeper ML-driven insights. Now enterprises can overlay real-time and historical views across any transit element to identify trends, usage patterns, and sprawling cloud costs to make intelligent infrastructure decisions.

Fig 2: Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking

What Can Prosimo’s Full-Stack Cloud Transit Deliver for Enterprises?

Prosimo’s Full-Stack Cloud Transit delivers one consistent architecture that reduces complexity when connecting applications, services, and networks in the cloud while addressing operations, security, and performance requirements.

Connectivity outcomes provided by Network transit:

  • Seamless connectivity: Orchestrate and connect all clouds—multi-region, multi-cloud, hybrid on-premises—with a flexible architecture that leverages cloud-native constructs.
  • Scalable transport: Provides scalability with the cloud backbone, edge PoPs, and integration with cloud-native gateways in regions and at the edge of the cloud environments.

Beyond-connectivity outcomes provided by App transit:

  • Application performance: Prosimo’s complete understanding of application types provides 90 percent app performance improvement.
  • Secure access: Provides Zero Trust access using an IAP and a modern approach to securely access applications globally.
  • Observability: Offers complete visibility from L3 to L7 to diagnose security or performance problems across the cloud infrastructure.
Full Stack enables ‘Cloud Interconnect’

Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking allows enterprises to build a ‘Cloud Interconnect’ that supports IaaS, PaaS, and application endpoints connectivity needs across the Enterprise cloud.