Democratizing Cloud Networking For Everyone


Enterprises are stuck at building network highways and cloud connectivity & are unable to realize the true value of cloud - focus on users, applications, services, governance, cost control, developer velocity etc.

Prosimo is democratizing MCN by offering a free MCN Foundational capability to help accelerate innovations in cloud networking & realize value instantly.

Big disruptions in the networking industry are underway as a result of MCN becoming mainstream.

Background & Motivation:

MCN – Multi Cloud Networking – means different things to different people.

  • To network architects & engineers, this means building network highways to interconnect different VPC / VNETs, regions and clouds.
  • To the cloud platform / CCoE team, this could mean a centralized platform with built-in guardrails & controls to allow specific team’s workloads to securely communicate with each other and access any shared resources.
  • To the application teams, all these are generally thought of as a hindrance to speed of operations and all they want is to “just connect & roll out their service”

Furthermore application diversity (think IP endpoints, FQDNs, cloud-native services like BQ / S3, service meshes, serverless functions) makes networking complex and not to mention the observability and NetDevOps required for all of this to work.

Unfortunately Enterprises are stuck in stage-1 in the below picture today – building network highways and cloud connectivity – due to complexity introduced by the current MCN approaches by vendors ( both legacy and the start ups approaching this with old wine in new bottle model ) – sometimes spending months on what should be done in minutes.

We are contrasting that with current Prosimo customers (large Enterprises, Global 2000s) as they breeze through this initial stage of establishing connectivity and focus on real cloud careabouts – users, apps, services

So, we have decided to democratize MCN 

  • Empower network engineers / architects, Cloud architects / CCoE and all the DevOps & SRE teams equally. We want them to come together and operate on a common platform to keep cloud sanity intact
  • Elevate cloud networking purview from IP / subnets / networks to the full cloud careabouts – advanced networking, apps, services, users
  • Help Enterprises treat network as an evolving product – not a stagnant piece of software
  • Disrupt the status quo that is imposed by current solutions

Complimentary MCN Foundation - Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Time and again history has shown that rapid innovations happen when foundational elements are available free & fully accessible – think cloud, OS and recently foundational AI models. We are doing the same for cloud networking by offering the foundabital aspect of MCN through democratization.

This is NOT a marketing gimmick or a bait-switch. We are truly offering the foundation as a complimentary offering to allow you to build and deploy cloud networking. It’s packed with goodies and we believe so strongly in this movement that we are putting our money where our mouth is.

In 2 minutes you should be able to discover and get inventory of all your cloud assets. In 7 minutes (yes we timed this), you should have a functional cloud network connecting VPCs, VNETs and regions together – and be ready for troubleshooting, which is also included. Lots of value and use-cases this unlocks – Read ‘MCN Foundation – the Why, What and How/ blog to uncover use-cases that can be unlocked.

Disruption & Value unlocked

Our customers that have seen the disruption caused by MCN already don’t have to imagine, but for others imagine a world where MCN is done right. The sheer number of network initiatives or markets that get disrupted are huge.

To call out the disruptions explicitly:

Full Stack MCN capability What it disrupts
Cloud orchestration + cloud native gateways Cloud onRamp - 3rd party Router & spoke gateways.
Access to workload & PaaS using identifiers (rather than IPs) Routing and tunneling solutions - obsolete
Service & app networking Traditional layer-3 gateways, IP & network firewalls
Efficient ingress to cloud WAN aggregation, SDWAN
Cloud region to region, cloud to cloud SDWAN, WAN backbones for cloud interconnect
ZTNA VPN access, ZT to networks rather than apps
Common Zero Trust architecture Divergent ZT architectures and initiatives for user-to-app, and app-to-app (microseg)
NetDevops for full stack & IaC Fragmented NetDevops for network, separate from apps / services / PaaS
NetDevOps full stack observability IP / SNMP / IPFIX / Agent based monitoring solutions inadequate for cloud

How To Get Started

For the reasons above, most customers have realized that building on top of cloud primitives is the right bet when considering future-proofing their architectures.

Full Stack from Prosimo

Here’s our promise
  • 2 minutes for instant value
  • 7 minutes to be fully operational and see $100,000+ of savings (compared to vendor solutions)
  • Build off of this and get to 30-50% ROI for cloud (focused on speed of operations ROI)