Large FSI Selected Prosimo to Build Multi-Cloud Connectivity the ‘Right Way’ - Scalable, Adaptable, and Fast

One of the largest FSI in America faces the challenges of regulatory compliance, data security, and risk management in a competitive financial market. They require a consistent and cloud-native infrastructure for networking interconnections and application visibility. The critical challenge is enabling secure environments while allowing manual work. They need a platform to automate policy creation, provide granular access control, and maintain a single source of truth for cloud networking. Equinix is their primary backbone to connect workloads in Azure and AWS, but their current connectivity solutions need more resilience. High-availability clusters in the cloud and data centers also need maintenance support. Poor visibility from the network to the services layer affects Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Resolve incidents. They seek a workflow integrated with their ticketing system for alerts, contextual information, and correlated events during outages.

The FSI aims to modernize architecture, deliver faster services, ensure compliance, security, and performance, and leverage CSP capabilities for scalability.


Prosimo Full Stack

Overcoming Technical Challenges

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Hybrid Connectivity: Ensuring suitable connectivity options for cloud infrastructure including private/public cloud services and on-premises infrastructure.

Specific Examples

If primary region/AZ goes down in Azure or AWS, failover to the standby region.
Attempting to fix overlapping IPs / subnets via either creating VRFs or tunnels/overlays with 3rd party appliances
Ensure that they can scale their applications and infrastructure to meet their business needs without extensive planning for spoke VMs.

Prosimo Full Stack Solution

Standardization Ensure the company’s global architecture is standardized across disparate environments.
Connect to PaaS and K8 containerized apps and Server functions at L7 using network constructs orchestrated by Prosimo.
Cloud Failover Prosimo’s failover capability within the cloud at each application level configuration

Visual Transit Builder

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Security and Compliance

The current Firewall Service Insertion required was slow
They require network teams to establish guardrails, allowing self-service onboarding while maintaining policy enforcement capabilities.
Delegate access at an individual object i.e., dev teams can provision apps, networks, etc., in the platform but only have access to things they provisioned)
Being a bank, they wanted to keep their datapath in their cloud instead of a NaaS-based offering.

Adaptive Service Insertion simplifies compliance in the cloud by allowing fine-grained policy definition and real-time visibility to insert stateful services such as firewalls in the path for networks and apps.

RBAC-based namespaces  and Network objects are assigned to specific teams representing apps, networks,

Adaptive Service Insertion 

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Accelerate onboarding of siloed and diverse cloud environment running in each business units control

Attempting to fix overlapping IP / subnets via either creating VRFs or tunnels/overlays with 3rd party appliances
Creating cross-region, cross-cloud, and cross-account connectivity required many manual operations on different cloud consoles.
‘Auto Discovery’ feature that instantly ingests all Cloud environment details [VPC, Service, and Apps] for new accounts with no infra required.
Automating connectivity from all clouds and on-prem from the same dashboard
Cloud Onboarding
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Technical complexities of running Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Cloud and MTTR

Manually Identifying the root cause of issues in the cloud network pipeline related to cloud-native elements, third-party services, firewalls, load balancers, etc.

Alert on policy deny: user or network trying to access something with an implicit deny and ability to call a secure webhook on alert
Single platform to immediately troubleshoot Azure apps/network, AWS apps/network, and connectivity from on-prem to Multi-Cloud.  Drastic reduction in MTTR and troubleshooting
Integrations with 3rd party tools using service/webhooks like ServiceNow or Splunk to automate the alerting capability using configured thresholds in Prosimo

Cloud Tracer

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Prosimo Full Stack

Delivers Today

Service Insertion for policy and compliance governance where they can only fwd the required transaction and flow to data which needs deeper inspection instead of oversubscribing the firewalls for all traffic in a spokeless architecture.
Time to value for and support for brownfield architectures as they do not anticipate a lot of changes in their existing cloud arch

Prosimo Full Stack

Unlocks Tomorrow

The company will benefit from platform capabilities to control spend and operate freely. Taking further recommendations from the ML features, NetDevOps capabilities to streamline workflows, and Security benefits of segmentation


Better decision making with predictive alerts keep you focused on business outcomes


Infrastructure Automation and CI/CD pipeline support


App-Centric Tooling to further access cloud-native services with granular control


Continuous ZTNA for accessing private apps. No connectors required.