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Cloud Cost 360

Streamline Cloud Networking, Slash Costs and Optimize Egress.


Cost Governance Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Insightful Cloud Monitoring

Cloud teams can attain necessary visibility into cloud operations at various levels such as cloud accounts, individual resources, data bytes/bandwidth, and applications.

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Enhanced Monitoring

Monitor usage patterns and track resource utilization

Empowering Insights

Data traffic that informs decision-making and efficient resource allocation

Chargeback Model Implementation

Cloud teams can implement customized chargeback models, allocating costs based on factors such as applications, cloud accounts, or shared services like firewalls.

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Implementing a chargeback model enables clear cost allocation


Hold each business unit accountable within your organization

Cost-Effective Traffic Path Optimization

Cloud teams can determine and implement the most cost-effective traffic paths for cloud-native environments, considering factors such as latency, throughput, and network costs.

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Savings and Performance Balance

Optimizing traffic paths ensures a balance between cost savings and performance, maximizing the value of cloud investments while maintaining optimal user experience.


Data egress charges, often described as bandwidth or data transfer, are difficult to identify and comprehend on monthly cloud bills. Depending on the use case, these costs can be substantial, potentially exceeding the plain storage costs, leading to budget disruptions and reduced cloud investment ROI.

Managing cloud infrastructure usage is intricate and shared among multiple applications. The complexity lies in accurately assigning costs to individual applications or business units based on their specific usage patterns. Additionally, obtaining detailed visibility into usage patterns, resource consumption, and associated costs is vital for constructing an effective chargeback model. Cloud providers frequently present intricate pricing models with varying rates for distinct services, making it challenging to aggregate and present the data that is actionable for cloud application owners

Cloud transfer costs vary based on scope (within the same zone, different zone in region, different region, or outside cloud). Farther destinations incur higher costs per GB per month. Transferring data between diverse regions, especially with varying digital maturity, significantly impacts egress costs—e.g., Europe to Asia or North America to South America are notably expensive

“Whenever you deploy a system in the cloud that (a) exchanges or replicates data between cloud availability zones, regions or across VPCs; (b) routes data from inside the cloud to an outside location; or (c) writes to a database or storage server outside your cloud, you may potentially incur data egress charges."

From Gartner Research: “Tame Data Egress Charges in the Public Cloud”

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Taming Cloud Networking Costs

Get an overview with our product leaders in support of our latest release Cost 360!

Hosted by:

Scott Raynovich

Mani Ganesan

Navjyoti Sharma

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Cloud Network Observability

Hands-On Lab Overview:

Prosimo Hands-on Labs are live, small group, instructor-led events focussed on ensuring a safe and impactful learning experience. Interaction/Questions are encouraged.

In this lab, participants will: 

  • Deploy Prosimo into an existing network environment
  • Discover existing networks and network resources
  • Manage/Orchestrate resource connectivity across regions & clouds
  • Observe and Troubleshoot network patterns & faults

Required Skills:

  • Basic understanding of Cloud Networking concepts:
    • VPCs, VNETs
    • Subnets, Routes
    • Peering, Transit Gateways
    • Load-balancers, NAT Gateways
  • Ability to run Linux shell prompt commands
  • Operate input devices: keyboard, mouse