Work from Anywhere

Users expect a rich experience of enterprise applications just like in their consumer world, can you deliver?

Prosimo can deliver application experiences that users expect wherever work takes them, without adding risk for enterprise applications.


Exposing Apps Is Risky.

Cloud architects and security operations teams are struggling to enable work from anywhere. Remote access VPN solutions slow performance and direct access to internal apps is not an option because of security risks.

Security solutions from a third-party cloud impacts performance and fragments the security stack—some being closer to the user and some being in the cloud.

The result?

All of this leads to increased risk, escalating costs, and higher complexity.

use case chart 1

Cloud Complexity

  1. Management and deployment agents (end users + in front of applications like SDP)
  2. Relying on the cloud security vendor for performance and uptime
  3. Different applications have different security and performance requirements
  4. Providing secret keys certs to third-party solutions

Prosimo AXI

Prosimo Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) ensures that no applications are exposed directly to the Internet while providing fast performance with managed access for users. AXI is layered on top of the existing cloud architecture and remains in customer administrative control. This gives security teams full Zero Trust implementation and gives cloud operations teams complete control over the application experience

  • Built-in Identity Aware Proxy, MFA, ML-based triggers, WAF, optimization and agent-less access.
  • With Secure eXperience applications are never directly exposed to the internet, though they are accessible.
  • Rich policy controls to control users, apps, regions and clouds - for both data and cloud compliance.
  • Private CDN for internal applications. CDNs are not built for private enterprise application needs and are also cost-prohibitive.
use case chart 2

What 3 benefits do you get from enabling both security and speed?

Infrastructure, data, and applications all in your control in the cloud
Improved user application experience for enterprise applications
Zero Trust Access for enterprise applications

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